Push of new repo hangs / deadlocks.

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Justin Hogeterp
created an issue

I brought this up on the bitbucket forums, but I've had it a second time now: http://groups.google.com/group/bitbucket-users/browse_thread/thread/0b62e15635060b88/b2b5915d4ef8ced9?#b2b5915d4ef8ced9

What I did: - create a new repo on bitbucket - clone the new repo to a local folder - copy the source files into the local folder - commit - push

The push hangs. If I try the push via HgWorkbench, it can't stop the process, and can't close. I can only force a close using TaskManager.

If I try the push using the cmd line with --debug, here is the end of the output, after bundling:

sending unbundle command sending 86917184 bytes using auth.marcel_fluid.* for authentication sending: 64/169760 kb (0.04%) sending: 128/169760 kb (0.08%) sending: 192/169760 kb (0.11%) sending: 256/169760 kb (0.15%)

And that's where it hangs. I can leave that for hours and it does nothing.

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  1. Brodie Rao

    Some questions:

    • Does this happen with any repo you try to push up, or does it only happen when pushing specific changes?
    • Do you see the same problem over SSH, or is it just over HTTPS? If you're using HTTPS, do you know if you're behind any kind of proxy?
    • Is there a repo available anywhere that I can use to reproduce this the problem?
  2. Sergio Paganoni

    I'm experiencing the exact same issue when pushing up to a private repository of mine. I'm using HTTPS (no proxy/VPN whatsoever). I already did like 100 push on this repo and was always successfully.

    My hg push --debug log:

    sending unbundle command
    sending 55033805 bytes
    using auth.bitbucket.org.* for authentication
    sending: 64/107486 kb (0.06%)
    sending: 128/107486 kb (0.12%)
    sending: 192/107486 kb (0.18%)

    It hangs at 192 kb...

    EDIT: It seemed that a changeset was corrupted or broken, I did a rollback up to before the corrupted changeset, recommited everything into a new single changeset and the push worked!

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