Commits to wikis via hg interface don't appear in user "overview" (BB-1610)

Issue #2680 closed
created an issue

I notice:

  • If I commit a change to one of my project repositories and push it, a notice appears on my user "overview" ( )
  • If I edit a wiki page for one of my projects via the website, a notice also appears on my "overview"
  • However: in addition to editing the wiki page via the website, there is this feature for editing the wiki page by checking out the wiki as an hg repository, making the changes to the .wiki files directly, and then committing and pushing those changes back to the server. THESE changes do not appear on the overview page at all (although the updates do correctly appear on the server, and they appear in the wiki "history").

This seems like a minor thing so I classed it as an "enhancement" rather than a "bug".

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