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Issue #2692 new

Wiki should have a documentation-like print style (BB-1617)

Daniel Correia
created an issue

For people that use the wiki for documentation that can be viewed by others outside of the wiki itself (in pdf format for instance) this feature is very useful. This would basicly be a link of some kind to a page with a stylesheet similar to this:



body { background: #fff !important; }

tabs, #footer, #search, #repo-menu, #wiki-nav-links, .clone-wiki, #repo-desc, #header {

display: none; }

.noprint { display: none; }

wiki {

border: 0px none; padding: 0px; margin: 0px; } }}}

The current print.css does most of the work, but still shows unnecessary information. This stylesheet, joined with the correct browser settings of course, can be used to print documents as they were made using a common text processor.

The output of this would be something like the attached file.

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