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Issue #2701 resolved

Unable to clone a copy of the repository

Prem Stephen
created an issue


I have errors while cloning...

$ hg clone https://pkpkpkpk@bitbucket.org/sureshpog/eprayernetserver http authorization required realm: Bitbucket.org HTTP user: pkpkpkpk password: destination directory: eprayernetserver requesting all changes adding changesets adding manifests adding file changes transaction abort! rollback completed abort: connection ended unexpectedly [2011-04-27 10:31:45] ~/work/repos/tmp

Comments (8)

  1. Dylan Etkin


    I have run hg verify on your repository and it looks ok on the server.

    Does this happen everytime you try to clone the repo? Are you able to clone other repos off the site? Have you tried cloning over ssh?

    Would you mind continuing this via email through support@bitbucket.org? It is easier to track it through support then through the issues.



  2. Roger Davies

    Hi All,

    (Bump) how was this fixed? Did anyone find a resolution? We're getting this error now, tried 7 or 8 times to close, started off from GUI, used command-line when saw indications that this helped for some, but no joy!

    Any help, greatly appreciated!

    Many thanks,

    Roger Davies

  3. Thanasis Papoutsidakis

    I found this and this

    It seems that: our ISP's are slow and interrupt the http connection at times, bitbucket server doesn't have a proper http timeout and aborts, and mercurial protocol doesn't allow http interruptions (like normal downloads do) and always aborts. Probably the 2nd issue can be fixed from here?

  4. Seckin Simsek

    This problem is still an issue. When cloning a repository, after 2-3 min wait, it returns code 255 (transaction abort rollback completed abort: connection ended unexpectedly)

  5. Abel Braaksma (admin)

    I had the same issue today and even with help from Atlassian had trouble fixing it. It appeared to be caused by an outdated Mercurial (Hg) client (two clients on the system, the wrong one was first found on the path) and, even after updating, while it ran successful from the commandline, it failed in TeamCity. After setting the --uncompressed flag to true, this worked correctly as well.

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