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Issue #2703 resolved

Can't strip revision with big file in it

Luciano Longo
created an issue

Someone in our team accidentally pushed a revision with a really big file (100mb) that wasn't supposed to be there. And when we try to strip it, it fails. The site is probably timing out or something. The repository is botcomics.com, the owner is NewcastleDev and the rev to strip is 101aeedeea77. If you could strip it for us, we'd really appreciate it.


Comments (2)

  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Luciano,

    I have stripped the revision from the server. Can you please confirm that its all good now?

    I am sorry about this, its a known bug that we should be fixing soon. The problem is that large strips need to be run in the background so we do not time them out.



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