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Issue #2709 resolved

OAuth redirect fails after toggling to OpenID (BB-1829)

Matt Sherman
created an issue

Hi! We are sending users to Bitbucket to do authenticate and bring back an OAuth token for use with your API.

If the user toggles to use OpenID instead of the traditional login form, they are redirected to the Bitbucket home page instead of back to us.

tl;dr: the "next" param needs to survive the toggle between OpenID and username/pw.


  • Matt at Stack Overflow

Comments (6)

  1. Dylan Etkin


    I am so sorry you are having to debug our feature for us.

    We will get this sorted out. Thanks so much for helping us shake this thing out.



  2. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Matt,

    I may have misspoke. The developer that is working on this issue was unable to reproduce the problem. He used the account you provided to test the integration and logged in via open id and found that everything worked alright.

    Do you have any more details that might help us to reproduce the bug?



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