RPC Access to issue tracker

Issue #2717 resolved
Marvin Hansen
created an issue

Hi guys,

I've used JIRA for a while to track my stuff and I really like the RPC access because it allows to create, search & update issues from any IDE. In fact, the JIRA plugin for Netbeans is really good and all what I'm missing now is the same for BitBucket. So this is a request for enhancment:

Please add RPC or similar remote access to the BB IssueTracker to make IDE integration possible. (maybe encrypted over https)

Look from this perspective: Who of all the other SourceCode hoster is actually providing a really good IDE integration? It would make a big difference if BB would offer a tight integration with the existing JIRA plugins for Eclipse/ Netbeans / IntelliJ because the IDE is the place were people are working... I'm pretty sure companies would appreciate that even more because for these guys time is money and if you help them so save time, they like to pay (more?) money...

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