BitBucket API - following list?

Issue #2724 duplicate
Steve Streeting
created an issue

I've added BitBucket API support to the new version of my product so users can list their BB repositories easily. This works fine. However, it would be really great to be able to show them the list of repositories owned by other people that they're following too, and I can't find a way to do that in the API right now.

I can list followers of a user or repository, but this is the reverse of what I'm looking for. I can also list all repositories the user has write access to, but that includes all forks of their own repositories (which they may not care about) and omits all the repositories they're following but that they only have read access to.

Basically, I'm looking for an equivalent of

Is this already available and undocumented? Or otherwise, is it something you'd add in future?