allow people to follow all issues associated with a repos (BB-1714)

Issue #2729 resolved
Faheem Mitha created an issue

Currently, if I understand this correctly, one can follow a single issue, but there is currently no way to follow all issues for a repository, including those that don't exist yet. Such functionality would be useful. And by follow, to be clear, I mean all issue updates will be emailed to the follower.

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  1. Aryeh Leib Taurog

    It doesn't work at all. Before this 'improvement,' I was at least getting notifications on all comments/changes made to issues assigned to me. But now I am getting very few notifications, even though I am "Watching the repository," and "Subscribed to notifications about all issues."

    I also noticed that not all issue comments show up on the repository's "Recent activity" feed.

  2. Zachary Davis Account Deactivated

    Hi Aryeh,

    I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble with the new notifications system. I haven't seen any other complaints like this. I would recommend emailing support directly for account-specific help. They should be able to sort you out.

    Cheers, Zach

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