allow people to follow all issues associated with a repos (BB-1714)

Issue #2729 resolved
Faheem Mitha
created an issue

Currently, if I understand this correctly, one can follow a single issue, but there is currently no way to follow all issues for a repository, including those that don't exist yet. Such functionality would be useful. And by follow, to be clear, I mean all issue updates will be emailed to the follower.

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  1. Aryeh Leib Taurog

    It doesn't work at all. Before this 'improvement,' I was at least getting notifications on all comments/changes made to issues assigned to me. But now I am getting very few notifications, even though I am "Watching the repository," and "Subscribed to notifications about all issues."

    I also noticed that not all issue comments show up on the repository's "Recent activity" feed.

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