Issue #2732 resolved

Relative time format in future: "created two minutes left" (cosmetic) (BB-1764)

Pi Delport
created an issue

I created an issue while my local clock was slightly off, and after creation, the time was reported as "created 2 minutes left".

I realize this is a minor edge case, but the message could at least be changed to be grammatical: for example, "... //foo units// from now", or even just "... in the future".

Related issue: <<issue 1824>> (Wrong "informal" time format)

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  1. David Chambers

    Thanks for raising this issue, Piet. This grammatical error arose from our assumption that future points in time relate to issue comments, which remain editable for 15 minutes. In this context, "2 minutes left" (to edit one's comment) makes sense.

    We no longer make this assumption, so timestamps for commits "from the future" are now in the format foo units from now as you suggested.

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