deleting milestone leaves associated issues in odd state (BB-1749)

Issue #2737 resolved
Reece Hart created an issue

I deleted two milestones that were assigned to ~10 issues. In the issues tab view, the issues still had the assigned milestone. When I click on one of the 10 issues, the milestone is empty (-------) and the deleted milestones are not listed. It appears that the milestone shown in the issue tab is not exactly the same as that in the issue view.

To recreate, I it should be sufficient to:

create an issue

create a milestone

edit the issue to attach a milestone

delete the milestone

look at the issues tab

look at the issue

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  1. Reece Hart reporter

    Indeed. I just went to issue 18 and noticed that the milestone is (correctly) blank in the Issues tab. It smells a lot like caching. Thanks for investigating.

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