large repository not available on the web, timing out with a kicked the bucket (BB-1780)

Issue #2748 resolved
Thomas Capricelli
created an issue

Since 2 days ago i have not been able to reach "someone kicked over the bucket" I can access the repository through ssh though, and my other repositories are ok.

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  1. Dylan Etkin
    • changed status to open

    Hi Thomas,

    I can see the same problem you are seeing. I have run an hg verify on your repo and it looks ok.

    I believe we are doing something on the server that is a very slow operation but I am unable to see what that is at the moment. We will need to investigate this further.

    Sorry for the trouble,


  2. Thomas Capricelli reporter

    Here are some more information

    • the repository is not that big (213Mb), i would think you got some bigger repos, don't you ?
    • it was working perfectly until may 12th. As you can see, no changes were made since may 10th.
    • i tried to create a new repo on mercurial, pushed a local clone that i have : if fails exactly as the original one

    I did not check bug... is there any limit on a repo size ? Either 'legal' or technical ? If this is too big, i will remove the repository.

    Thanks for looking into the issue.

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