Usernames in API requests should not be Case Sensitive (BB-1879)

Issue #2767 resolved
Brad Montgomery
created an issue

Similar to Issues <<issue 234>>, <<issue 421>>, requests to the API that include a username are case sensitive. It would be great if the api would return the correct info for a user regardless of the case.

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  1. David Chambers

    Unfortunately in its early days Bitbucket allowed usernames to differ only in case (e.g. "bob" and "Bob" could coexist as distinct users). In light of this fact would it actually be helpful for us to match in a case-insensitive fashion where possible, or would the inconsistent behaviour trip unsuspecting developers?

  2. dillonbwpo

    I absolutely agree. If you can log into the site with a case insensitive name then you should be able to make API requests with that same case insensitive name! It's confusing for services that use the API to be able to successfully authenticate but the requests to, say get your events, returns a Not Found error condition.

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