Can't distinguish ssh keys from each other (BB-1896)

Issue #2773 resolved
Andrew Pietsch
created an issue

Hi there,

When you have multiple ssh keys it's very difficult to tell them apart. This is especially painful when you want to remove one. It would be nice if the shortened summery displayed all of the user@host info from the key or if the was some kind of hover or click to see the whole key.


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  1. David Chambers

    Thanks for the suggestion, pietschy. It sounds like a good idea to me.

    The team is very busy at the moment working on some nifty features. I'll add this to the list of minor issues to address in a few weeks when things have settled down.


  2. David Chambers
    • changed status to open

    I've just committed a change which makes more of the important part of each key (the last bit) visible. Additionally, each key is now included in its entirety as the value of a `data-key` attribute (accessible via Firebug or WebKit's inspector).

    These changes will hit production late next week.

  3. Andrew Pietsch reporter

    Excellent, thats great. Thanks.

    BTW, I got an email that said I could "reply above this line", which I did, but it went to a no-reply address and it's been bouncing back at me for a few days now.


  4. David Chambers

    The easiest way to view the full keys is to run this from your console:

    $('#account-settings-sshkeys').find('[data-key]').each(function(){ console.log($(this).data('key')) })

    This'll print the keys in the order in which they are listed.

  5. Andrew Pietsch reporter
    • changed status to new

    Hi David,

    I've checked out the new functionality but for me it's still cutting off the user portion of most of my keys. It's a bit of pain to have to fire up a browser console, cut & paste a script, read the result and then one then click the associated remove button. Would it be possible to have something like a tooltip (old fashioned as it may be (c;)?

    Thanks & cheers Andrew

  6. David Chambers

    I agree that it's hardly fair to ask users to open a console and write a couple of lines of jQuery just to interact with their own data! It's the best we can offer as it stands, though.

    Are you familiar with GitHub's UI treatment of SSH keys? I think it's really effective. Clicking on a key brings up a lightbox containing the full key and an editable "title" field. This makes it possible to identify keys my short, meaningful names—home, work, macbook, whatever—while still providing access to the full key when necessary.

    Perhaps we should implement something similar on Bitbucket. What do you think, Andrew?

  7. Mark Mikofski

    +1 check out Github, they let you name each key, which for me is very useful, since I have several different computers that each have there own key, so I can ID them on Github using the "name" field for each key.

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  9. Dylan Etkin

    We have just rolled out an enhancement that lets you add labels to your SSH keys.

    Thanks to everyone who has been so patient for us to ship this improvement.

    We hope you like it.

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