Marking repositories as old, abandoned, mothballed or something

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Matthew Frazier
created an issue

I have several old repositories from projects that I don't plan on working on again, unless something extraordinary comes up. However, on my home page and my user profile, they still appear, sorted in with the rest of the projects, and in my "Repositories" dropdown menu. I don't really want to delete them on the off chance that they may become useful someday, but I also don't want them mixed in with the rest of my more important repos.

It would be useful to mark repositories as "old", "abandoned", "mothballed", or some other indicator reflecting their unused status. Mothballed repositories would be sorted at the bottom of the home page and user pages, and not appear in the "Repositories" dropdown. This is more of a UI change than anything else.

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  1. David Chambers

    Great suggestion, Matthew. I've been thinking along similar lines myself, but from the other direction. I thought it'd be nice to be able to elect to "feature" certain repositories. Featured repositories would be displayed first and more prominently, giving one some control over the visual hierarchy of the repositories on one's profile screen.

    I agree that deleting old repositories is not the answer!

    I look forward to discussing this issue with the rest of the team. We're very busy just at the moment working on some largish features, so it may be some time before any developments are made in this area.


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