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Issue #2787 resolved

Repo Statistic

Anonymous created an issue

Hello Dear Bitbucket Support team I have a question, how i can get/see statistic what user, and when, with what IP adress and other details access to private repo, something like IPboard Statistic or Statistic into Blogger.com

Thank you. If i see it, i think about buying access for "advanced repo"

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  1. Erik van Zijst staff

    Hi euro,

    In terms of access statistics on a repository, Bitbucket only tracks the number of hits of your download artifacts (the stuff you put up under the "Downloads" tab).

    Instead, Bitbucket leverages Google Analytics (http://google.com/analytics) to provide you with far more statistics and trending algorithms than we ever could. Google Analytics is free and once you've generated a "key" for your repository, you can add it under your repository's "Admin" page:


    Cheers, Erik

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