option not to be notified about own comments (BB-511)

Issue #278 resolved
Chris Rebert
created an issue

It'd be nice if there was an option somewhere not to get notification emails about your own comments/changes to issues.

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  1. Chris Rebert reporter

    (a) I'm not a bitbucket dev/employee

    (b) bitbucket's code is closed source

    This bug has been duped 3 times, so I'm not the only one who'd like this feature. Although I fully expect there won't any new features for a little while, until the stuff with the "cloud" is worked out.

  2. Simeon Visser

    I realize that you're not a Bitbucket developer because otherwise you would have had the means to fix it. But there may be all kinds of reasons why these bug reports (and others) haven't been handled for months.

    It's just that by repeatedly bumping all your bug reports, you're requesting that your bug reports should be prioritized. I don't know if you're a paying customer of Bitbucket but I'd say it's disrespectful to request high priority and include remarks like "shouldn't be too hard" (this issue) and "this is low-hanging fruit" (#547).

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