Add support for online editing source files (BB-1964)

Issue #2796 resolved
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The ability to edit source files online, like that provided by github will be great for committing small changes when one is not near a complete development platform. Since this is already there for wikis, it shouldn't be a problem for the files as well.

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  1. Christopher Case


    It's one of the (decreasing number of) differences between BitBucket and Github... a coworker of mine lists it as the 'primary reason' he won't switch from Github to BitBucket.

    (Granted, I'm not sure how true that is... but it's definitely a factor.)

  2. Yarko Tymciurak

    Yeah - #6095 is related, but not duplicate.

    This issue is about allowing editing files online for existing repo owners;

    6095 is about adding an "EDIT" ui element to any file on any visible repository, as a mechanism to facilitate a process, encourage community participation and contributions. That is: to automatically fork a project when you try to edit, then take you to edit, so you can immediately make a pull request.

    Yes - this is a sort of prerequisite (although not strictly so); 6095, however, if not a duplicate (by any stretch) of this.

  3. Anonymous

    Good: Bitbucket allowed you to watch an issue without receiving email notifications. Better: People stopped adding '+1' comments. Best: Bitbucket allowed editing source in the site.

  4. Anonymous

    +1 I really hate just replying with +1 but there's nothing else to say. It's feature is a no-brainier, and its particularly infuriating that wikis can be edited and they function as git repositories

  5. falnatsheh

    Bitbucket is great service but they should catch up with Github and provide editing on the website (and an APIs for it). Developers can build great thing on top of the editing APIs like

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