Times/Dates for viewing Changesets can be very confusing because of Timezone differences (BB-1965)

Issue #2799 resolved
Trans-Soft Source created an issue

There is apparently no way to set the timezone for a BitBucket repository or even a BitBucket user that would enable them to see the changeset history in their own timezone. Currently histories appear to be a full day off for me when I view them. I am in Phoenix, AZ GMT -7.

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  1. Trans-Soft Source reporter

    Did someone already push an update that now defaults display of ChangeSet times to the current timezone of the viewing browser's system? It appears that this is the case since sometime today. If so thank you for such a rapid response!

  2. David Chambers

    This is an area of particular interest to me. In fact I wrote a jQuery plugin, jQuery.localize, to address such concerns on Bitbucket. There are still certain places on the site where dates aren't wrapped in HTML5 `time` elements (and so aren't localized), but I'm marking this specific issue as resolved.

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