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Issue #2804 resolved

why assignie doesn't recived notification to email when he became it?

eugene lazarev
created an issue

why assignee doesn't receive notification to email when issue was created or assignee changed?

maybe you can make agile notification setup? it will best!!

Comments (4)

  1. eugene lazarev reporter

    no, when issue was created, as assignee i didn't receive notification, so it's mean that if somebody created issue i will known about it only if i will go to bug tracker and saw it.

  2. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Evgeny,

    If you are an admin on the repo then you will get notifications about every issue that is created.

    Once an issue has been created only users that are explicitly following the issue will get notifications.

    If you are suggesting some other behavior please let us know what you think would be clear.



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