Issues is missing some steps.. (BB-1013)

Issue #2807 wontfix
Derk Jochems
created an issue

For an Issue i can set the state.

these can be set to (right now):






i'm missing some requirements here wich other bug trackings (issue handlers) have like:

In review

Confirmed by developer

In planning

Reassigned (should be done by BB itself when a new user is assigned)

HotFix (when there is no way to really fix it).

Now that should be neat. This can be made better when BB makes sure they can be set "on" or "off" (or added/removed from the listing) so that the user (account from BB a visitor with login) can set what they need just like Mantis or any other BT ware.

Kind regards, Derk Jochems

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  1. David Chambers

    Thanks for the suggestion, Derk.

    Bitbucket's issue tracker enables users to raise issues on projects and helps the developers of those projects to manage their open issues in a rather basic fashion. It is certainly not a full-fledged bug tracker and, as such, will not meet the needs of all users. We're okay with this.

    We're certainly planning improvements to the issue tracker, but these will involve improving the existing feature set rather than adding new features or configurable options.

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