Tooltip with an exact date of commit (BB-2009)

Issue #2812 resolved
Mikhail Sidorov created an issue

Bitbucket shows the commit date only in «n days/months/... ago» format. It would be nice if there was a tooltip with an exact commit date which was shown when you hover over the «... ago» note.

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  1. David Chambers

    Hi Mikhail,

    As it stands, you're able to use Firebug or the Chrome/Safari/Opera/IE equivalents to inspect any date or time on Bitbucket to determine the exact point in time at which the event occurred. This issue, for example, was created at 2011-06-29T09:52:34-07:00.

    We will certainly consider exposing this information in the UI.


  2. Gary Wilson
    • changed component to ui

    I'd also like to request that the actual date be shown in the UI. Just today, for example, I wanted to quickly check the date of a certain commit to determine if it had made it into a project's latest release, but the only date information displayed for the commit was "X months ago". It is annoying to have to determine the actual date through some other means.

  3. David Chambers

    Thanks, Gary. We've devised* a means of displaying precise date and time information on many parts of the site. We'll be rolling out these tweaks incrementally over the next few releases.

    * By "devised", I mean copied shamelessly from Vimeo. :)

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