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Issue #2829 closed

ability to pick an .hgignore file from another repo when first creating new repository (BB-632)

Andrei Vieru
created an issue

It would be nice to be able to pick an .hgignore file from another repository in the same account to include in the root when I'm creating a new repository.


Comments (5)

  1. Anonymous

    we have a lot of repositories with several types of .hgignore files. Would be nice to pick one from another repository and just tell other devs to just clone the repo and start work without really worrying about getting the right ignore file. It's not a big deal, but it's save some time for people who create lots of repositories.

    thanks for considering this

  2. Laurent PELLEGRINO

    I am also interested by this feature. Several repositories that are created reuse the same ignore rules. It would be nice to have the possibility to define custom ignore file rules that may be reused when a repository is created by using for example a list and a checkbox. That's not a big deal to copy or create a new ignore file but it will save some time.

    Github provides this kind of feature. However, it is really basic and offers only the possibility to choose .gitignore rules among a predefined list of languages.

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