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Matt Edwards created an issue

1) On the Account Page, under SSH keys. I cannot see enough of the tail end of the keys, to distinguish them apart.

The ID at the end of the my Public Keys is something lke this:

The portion that I can currently see, is only

2) Another issue that I'm not that hopeful of resolving, is that, from Australia, it takes around 20 seconds to load any page on I know other people with different ISP's that experienced the same problem.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Matt,

    I am resolving this as a dup for the issue about the SSH keys.

    As for the 20 second page load that is worrying. If you would like to investigate the cause can you email with some traceroute information?

    Atlassian is based in Australia so we have a lot of developers accessing bitbucket each day and they have not reported this issue, so it may be ISP specific. We will need to investigate.



    Duplicate of #2773.

  2. David Chambers

    Each key is included in full as the value of a `data-key` attribute. You can use Firebug or similar to inspect these values or, better still, run this in your console:

    $('#account-settings-sshkeys').find('[data-key]').each(function(){ console.log($(this).data('key')) })

    This'll print the keys in the order in which they are listed.

  3. Matt Edwards reporter

    (Reply via

    Thanks David,

    I found your first suggestion the most practical, because I can see the contents of the key as I highlight it (perfect).

    The second suggestion was very educational, and I think I will be able to use the console in many other ways...


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