Chinese text in source code display as unreadable in web browse (BB-2050)

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I'm new to bitbucket,I'm Chinese,so my code's commet use some Chinese text.when I browser this code online,Web browser display these Chinese comment text as unreadable things.I'm using Firefox 5,On Windows 7,x64.but my repository's Comment use Chinese can be display correctly.And Chinese comment in my code can correct push and pull,not be unreadable.So,Only Web browse code's page display Chinese not correct.

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  1. David Chambers

    I've created a test case, which displays correctly in my browser: chinese.text.

    My suspicion is that your file's encoding is not UTF-8. Open the file in a text editor and change the encoding to UTF-8. Then push the change to Bitbucket and see if the text is displayed correctly. Leave a comment on this thread to let us know whether this solves the problem, or whether there's a bug we need to track down.

  2. starwar reporter

    Thanks,After me changed my file's encoding to UTF-8,Chinese text also display correctly in my browser.

    btw:you chinese text test file URL can't open directly,result in "404 not found". I can only click you reply above open it and see correctly display's chinese text.

  3. starwar reporter

    But I find that Visual Studio 2008 can't support UTf-8 encoding source code...UTF-8 encoding source code will cause compiler error. So,If BitBucket current can't support GBK encoding,only available UTF-8 support for non-English user, for me,current I only can ignore this question,GBK encoding text can't display correctly in Bitbucket's Source code web browser.In fact,I'm not often browse source code via web browser,I more prefer pull or clone it to my computer then view it. Thank God,BitBucket at the least can push,pull and store GBK encoding source code correctly.So I can continue use BitBucket.Thanks BitBucket for provide this excellent service!

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