Applying patches reports success, but does nothing (BB-205)

Issue #283 resolved
Erin Dees
created an issue

When I create a patch queue for an existing repository, there are two places where Bb offers the option to apply a patch: one on the Patch Series tab, and one on the Source tab (next to the patch name).

The former reports "patched" after I click on it, but appears to do nothing else. The latter reports an exception. Neither one actually applies the patch to the original repository (I may be misunderstanding the intent of this feature, so the solution to this ticket may just involve some docs). In both cases, the next time I visit the controls, the option to patch is still there.

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  1. Brodie Rao
    • removed milestone

    This should be fixed now to a certain extent. Patch application should work in all cases except where there's a Git-style rename or copy recorded. We're still working on adding support for that.

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