ReadTheDocs commit hook as a service option (BB-2052)

Issue #2842 resolved
Nick Coghlan
created an issue

After reading I decided to see if it was as easy to set up ReadTheDocs integration here on BitBucket, but it turns out ReadTheDocs isn't one of the predefined services available on the admin page.

Details of the ReadTheDocs webhooks are here:

I think you could use the POST hook to trigger the rebuild (I haven't tried it), but it would be a lot more obvious how to do it if there was an actual ReadTheDocs entry in the list.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Nick,

    I have added this to our backlog. There are a lot of integrations we would like to add. We are working on some other things at the moment so this will not likely get looked at soon. But be assured its now on our radar.



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