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Avi Fatal
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Some of us are using the issue tracker with a foreign language.

can you add in the textarea a new icon for writing direction? this way we will be able to write in right to left and not only left left to right direction.

Right to left direction is basically to support hebrew and arab languages.


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  1. David Chambers

    Do you imagine that for each issue description and comment we'd store either "ltr" or "rtl" in the database (depending on the direction used by its author), and that the same direction would be used to display the content? This could work, I think.

  2. Avi Fatal reporter

    Since the entire GUI is LTR'ed, if the repository owner select in his profile RTL, every content that can be RTL'ed will be presented as RTL, I assume it is title and body (even the notification mail)...

    If we were both thinking to save the direction for each post, we were both in the wrong proffession (-:

  3. David Chambers

    Please forgive my ignorance as a speaker of just one language. I'm interested to know, though, whether you think a discussion thread might include comments in more than one language. You suggest that text direction could be set at the repository level, but I'm wondering whether there might be cases where more granular control would be useful.

  4. Avi Fatal reporter

    If you save your input as HTML, you can just wrap each post with <div dir="rtl">content</div>.

    Your database is probably huge, as a client, I can't imagine a case for saving the dir for each input.

    But the answer is yes, if you can support direction per submission or input, it would be highly appreciated.


  5. David Chambers

    Investigation revealed this to be a far more complex matter than I'd anticipated. The truth is that it's highly unlikely we'll ever be in a position to devote the necessary time to this, so I'm closing the issue as “wontfix”.

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