line-break-handling in bug-tracking is awsome bad (BB-2060)

Issue #2844 closed
created an issue

pasted stuff isn't handled right at all... in this case it was a pasted backtrace of visual studio...

line breaks are lost... :(

please improve ;)

Thanx Tobias

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    I love your issue summary. Sorry its so crap. I have stuck it into the backlog. I don't think we will get to it in the short term but its on our radar.



  2. David Chambers

    If you add {{{ on an empty line preceding your preformatted text block, and }}} on an empty line following the text, line breaks within the enclosed text will be respected.

    Here, for example, is a Python stack trace:

    >>> import traceback
    >>> def another_function():
    ...     lumberstack()
    >>> def lumberstack():
    ...     traceback.print_stack()
    ...     print repr(traceback.extract_stack())
    ...     print repr(traceback.format_stack())
    >>> another_function()
      File "<doctest>", line 10, in <module>
      File "<doctest>", line 3, in another_function
      File "<doctest>", line 6, in lumberstack
    [('<doctest>', 10, '<module>', 'another_function()'),
     ('<doctest>', 3, 'another_function', 'lumberstack()'),
     ('<doctest>', 7, 'lumberstack', 'print repr(traceback.extract_stack())')]
    ['  File "<doctest>", line 10, in <module>\n    another_function()\n',
     '  File "<doctest>", line 3, in another_function\n    lumberstack()\n',
     '  File "<doctest>", line 8, in lumberstack\n    print repr(traceback.format_stack())\n']
  3. noragen reporter

    Hi David, when I paste text (or enter it) I dont want it to do as extra code-environment. Code-Environment should be used to highlight keywords.. More over like in other bugtrackers (f.e. berlios or sourceforge) it should be handled as preformated text which is also displayed as is. No matter which line end it is (dos or unix or mac). Moreover I dont like that my "entered" lineends are cutted in the preview, which is a matter of that.. It would be nice, if this behavior is more handy for users. ;)

    Thank you and best regards, Tobias

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