Ability to search source code? (BB-39)

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Jon Langevin
created an issue

Bitbucket does not support searching the source code of a repository.

It seems that source code search (and really, a repo-wide search that would cover code, wiki, issues, etc) would be extremely useful. Once repo-level searching is implemented, then maybe it could be extended to global Bitbucket search functionality across all available repos as well (similar to what Github allows, but hopefully without Github's lacking ease-of-use, as searching a specific repo at Github is definitely not intuitive).

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EDIT 2: Obviously this request isn't drawing enough attention from Bitbucket, as we have almost 1000 votes right now, 300+ comments, and no resolution or updates from Bitbucket. So, let's turn up the heat!

Post on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and tag Bitbucket.

Tell them you want this feature. Use hashtag #bbynosearch

per @turtledovepdx: "two most current work arounds: http://crandellws.bitbucket.org/reposearch/ and http://sourcetreeapp.com/download/ seem to be the best way (other than grepping your local repo.)"

Official response

  • Szilard Toth staff

    Hi everyone,

    We've released the code search beta today.


    25% of all Bitbucket repositories have been indexed and are ready to be searched. If your code hasn't been indexed, yet, you can head to the search bar in Bitbucket's side navigation and click "View code search results", then "Enable code search" on the search results page to get on the waiting list. We are throttling requests during the Beta period to scale gradually over time but most accounts should get indexed in less than 2 hours.

    To read more about code search head over to our blog Introducing code aware search for Bitbucket Cloud

    Thanks, Szilard

Comments (652)

  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Jon,

    You are right. We do not allow source code searching at the moment.

    This is something we are looking into and we hope to have something in the near to medium future.

    Stay tuned :)


  2. joel

    This would be awesome. It always makes me angry that the easiest way for me to find a piece of code in a repo is to clone it to my dev machine and grep around.

  3. André Thieme
    • changed status to new

    It would be already helpful if at least the most recent version could be searched in a first step. If it is too expensive to feature the powerful search as requested by this issue, then maybe a first step could be to concentrate the search on the last commit of the youngest push?

  4. Jeff D

    Really looking forward to seeing this implemented.

    I'm away from my development machine at the moment, but a lightbulb just went on in my head and I thought of what might be causing a bug that's been plaguing my project. I opened the bitbucket repo to find all the places a particular method was being called and slowly realized there was no way to search for it! Nooo!

  5. Glenn Kirbo

    It has been over a year since this issue was raised and github has had this feature for quite a while. What gives guys? I thought bitbucket / atlassian was supposed to be the brand with more features for enterprise types? Somebody on your product management/devel team needs notice this issue! If its a cpu/IO cost problem, then make it a premium feature or cap usage.. but seriously get on it please!

  6. Arne Solheim

    We're currently using Atlassian FishEye for insight into our source code. We want to migrate from SVN+FishEye over to Bitbucket, but losing the possibility to search within the sourcecode via FishEye would be a large impac, as we use this functionality extensively today. Moreover: Atlassian sent the following information to current users of SVN+FishEye in Atlassian OnDemand in October 2012: "In one year, Atlassian will retire the Source + Review bundle, bringing our hosted Subversion offering and FishEye/Crucible OnDemand to an end". (http://go-dvcs.atlassian.com/display/EOL/Source+Review+Bundle+End+of+Service) - hopefully support for search within the repositories in Bitbucket will be in place before users are forced to end using FishEye+SVN in Atlassian OnDemand. So: A huge +1 from our team as well.

  7. Jonny Nott

    This is pretty crucial for us (at least for private repos) in terms of moving private repos from GitHub .. +1

    Could a simple implementation not just be to wrap some markup around 'git grep' output?

  8. Jan Uhlir

    I have just found that I cannot search my sources. Not even by file name! That is quite disappointing. System without search functionality? 21st century not yet? P.S. I had issues searching on company's GitHub pro account too, but that should not serve as an excuse.

  9. Componence

    It is absolutely ridicolous that i have to clone complete repos to do a local search. If you force us to leave Fisheye at least provide us with proper tooling.

  10. wilddogdesign

    +1 Wow, 2 years on and no response from atlassian; I guess they don't pay attention to these threads, but for what it's worth I want to add in my plus 1. I was about to move all my repos from github to bitbucket, for the integration with the rest of our ondemand account, but I went to do a code search on bitbucket to find out this BASIC FUNDAMENTAL feature is not present in bitbucket. No way will I move now; I would rather stay with github at $50/month then lose code search. Come On Atlassian, throw us a bone, what is the plan regarding this?!?! It isnt that hard to implement.

  11. crandellws

    I agree Corné it does not do a good job for actual code searching, as with typical "Google searches" the symbols get dropped and only the words are are actually searched...but it is better than nothing.

  12. Justen Stepka

    Official update:

    At this time we do not have an estimate for when this feature will be implemented. Our focus for the short to medium term, will be to provide SSO and better user management with our OnDemand JIRA and Confluence products. I would estimate that the SSO integration and bi-directional oAuth integration between Bitbucket / JIRA / Confluence / Bamboo will take us well into 2014, at which time we will re-evaluate this decision.

    Cheers, Justen -- Bitbucket product manager

  13. Sebastian Berm

    Well they say it will take to around middle (let's assume end of) next year, so I take it they just don't want to implement this. Heck, I think quite a few people would want to pay for this premium feature if you don't get the entire Jira suite shoved down you throath?

    Perhaps someone can get searchcode to allow you to enter your login (paid ofc) so it can access the non public stuff as well...

    (Oh and... +1 :D)

  14. Lauri Rooden

    git grep could be suitable for searching from one repo, search engine for over all public repos.

    I do not think the search would be so popular feature that requires an index, rate limiting for backend protection could be enough (without statistic it is hard to predict).

    PS. codesearch.com is available through GoDaddy Auctions :p

  15. Altin P

    I am about to move our company back to Github due to this issue alone! Even though we vastly prefer your pricing model on private repos.

    Atlassian, is there any reason I should not pull the trigger right now??? After 3 years, you are either incredibly incompetent technically, or incredibly incompetent in communicating with your users. Actually the latter is a given already, and I should probably ditch you just on that count alone. The move will take me half a day, in this day and age you have no captive audience. You've made me feel that even doubling my costs on Github will be ok, since I know what I get for the difference.

    Are you not the least bit ashamed?

    EDIT: I wrote the above before reading Justen's official update. Pathetic! I'm glad that I was not overreacting. Agile this is not!

    Goodbye, Justen! In fact, it's probably time to start weaning ourselves off all Atlassian. Good luck with the sclerosis.

  16. Gajus Kuizinas

    Just that I started moving our repositories to BitBucket, this.. ? That's an unpleasant surprise. However, to be fair to BitBucket, their SourceTree Git GUI client provides a convenient way to search source code.

  17. Michael Brown


    Search on private repositories is a critical requirement for my use case - allowing semi technical team members to search and make documentation changes safely in browser - without resorting to "git training or install this program" .

    Combined with your in place editor and you would have a very powerful compelling platform.

    It's a feature I'm willing to pay for (and will be alas to github today). but I'll keep a watch on this ticket for updates.

  18. Cheng Xu

    Bitbucket team,

    This is a feature which has been voted by the user for two years, and almost everyone think this is a critical feature. Are you guys going to just ignore the user's requirement?

    I can not believe it.

  19. Greg Lincoln

    I have a feeling that Bitbucket is largely in maintenance mode.

    They certainly don't seem to be interested in communicating with what's left of their community. It's disappointing.

  20. Cheng Xu

    so disappointed about that. really. Bitbucket, as a loyal user and paid user, i really feel frustrated.

    The so called Product manager above, I can feel your pain. Cause you don't know how to face with your users here.

  21. Sam Christie

    I'm amazed that this isn't a top priority for the dev team. Even a simple code search would be a good start. I migrated from GitHub just assuming that a feature like this would be available (I used it all the time). I was shocked to find this open issue after a lot of frustrated attempts at searching my private repos. I guess I'll need to move back over to GitHub for now.

  22. Joseph Nix

    Everybody keeps saying they're going to switch to Github. That sounds great for my git repos, but what am I to do for my hg repos? I love hg, and don't want to give it up for some things. What good competitors does bitbucket have for hosting hg repos? Do they have this feature? Surely they have drawbacks too, but this is pretty important to me.

  23. metadirective

    I was just doing a quick googling as I didn't find that basic feature (silly me). Seeing that this ticket is nearly 3 years old doesn't give a good impression in comparison to Github.

  24. Anonymous

    We would love this feature as we have this usecase very often. Please let us full-text-search over all of our repositories. Voted...

  25. Ben Madore

    Switched from Github to a paid Bitbucket account. Very disappointed in the lack of some basic functionality - as well as Atlassian's complete disregard for the features requested by their users (seems to be consistent across all of their products). They could at the very least spend 5 minutes a month responding to feature requests. I suppose they are too busy tweaking the JIRA UI - over and over and over and over and over...

  26. Sebastian Berm

    The following was requested by me in a private support ticket:

    At the moment, I'm looking for a piece of code someone wrote about 1.5 years ago, from which it's known what it would contain, but due to the fact I have > 100 repositories, I am unable to find it. This could be solved by providing a (non realtime?) search service to allow you to search in all private repo's and all files to see where the function is defined or whatever... 1. Can you tell me if something like that is on the roadmap, and how long that will still take?

    The response was as follows: Bitbucket does not have a code search function, and we have this feature request that you can vote for or leave your comments in it. All new feature requests are implemented according to our policy. But there's a simple file search, more details here.

    My response: The feature request in question recommends moving away from Bitbucket, due to the fact it's not being implemented in Bitbucket. Is that what Atlassian is recommending we do?

    The response of Atlassian: To be honest, this feature is not on the road map for some time, as we are now focusing on improving the Bitbucket current features and it's SSO integration with other Atlassian products to provide more and better set of integrated tools. If it's any help, you can use our free Git/Hg client Source Tree which provides tools for searching code as well.

    I did not respond to that, but I doubt this is ever going to happen. If our team gets any bigger, it might be wise for us to invest in something that contains every HEAD of every repo we own and a grep thingy that mails the output back to the requester or just moving to GIT / Github...

  27. Ben Tatham

    We run Opengrok locally, that lets us search the HEAD of each repo quickly. We have a cron job to update each repo nightly. I'm sure there are many other similar tools as well.

    Bitbucket's integration with JIRA/Bamboo, along with the pricing model (especially compared to GitHub), is awesome. This one feature is certainly not a show stopper, in my opinion.

  28. Altin P

    Ben Tatham, at least for roving consultants working on client machines, e.g. our company, it is very much a show stopper. And I think it goes beyond that setup too.

    If no other choice were available, this would be a moot point. Happily though, that's not the case, and last night we finally moved our repos to GitHub - in a month, we'll delete our BitBucket account entirely. A few hundred dollars more per year, sure - which we could have used elsewhere - but when you know exactly why you're paying the extra buck, sometimes it can actually feel good to spend it. Forgetting about this irritation might be reason enough...

    And given Sebastian Berm's post, Atlassian clearly know they are losing customers due to the absence of this feature AND the weird mishandling of communications over it - and they are apparently fine with that. You can't tell programmers that, whatever other priorities, it should take 3+ years to implement this!

    All in all, not a serious proposition. Worse, it's forcing us to wonder whether recent JIRA & Confluence bloat are due to similar attitudes as well. Time to check for nimbler competitors in the market.

    Bye, BitBucket!

  29. Otto Hansen

    Almost 3 full years later and we can't get working search of the source code? I don't need to be able to search the full commit history...but not being able to search the current version seems pretty lacking.

  30. Greg Pagendam-Turner
    I've started the petition "Atlassian: Implement source code search on Bitbucket.org" and need your help to get it off the ground.
    Will you take 30 seconds to sign it right now? Here's the link:
    Here's why it's important:
    Numerous people have suggested that this would be a very useful feature.
    Many competing source code repositories support searching across code and commit history.
    Please sign and get your friends colleagues to sign.
    Greg Pagendam-Turner
  31. Andrew Stilliard

    Hi @Greg Pagendam-Turner, I had originally signed your petition, but I have now removed it. Originally i thought it was great, a formal way to get the feature noticed... but isn't that this page? Kind of made me think, why replicate this on a petition? Also I've realised a petition probably is not the best way to go about this, it feels like you are trying to force the company to implement this, but ultimately its their own product. There are several other big source control systems out there that offer this, and although yes i would love this feature, i think trying to force / petition them is going to leave this community worse off. I personally choose to use bitbucket because i like some of its features and that we get free private repo's, i don't have this feature yet, though git grep and other terminal based tools get me there instead. If i needed it really bad though, i'd move to a different system that has this feature, such as Github. Sure i'd have to pay for my private repo's but i'd get the feature. Anyway I hope this explains why i removed my signature on your petition, thanks.

  32. Alex Corn

    @Andrew Stilliard I agree with you entirely. Honestly, change.org has become a joke because of useless petitions, and a petition there won't force Atlassian's hand any more than this issue will. Just click the vote button at the top and we have to hope that Atlassian decides that 567 customers wanting a feature that the competitor offers is enough reason to implement it.

  33. Daniel Underwood

    I will agree that this feature is something that would be highly desirable. It relatively easy to use grep if I have the repo cloned, but it would be nice to have the ability to search repos from anywhere or searching repos that I don't have the desire of cloning. It's also sad that three years ago, someone was assigned and we were told that it may be coming in what was then the near to medium future.

  34. Hady Ahmed

    @BachirK Basic in what sense? There's nothing basic about this, essential yes but it's not just a "basic" feature.

    @Alex Corn I doubt Atlassian would be looking at this anytime, if they do end up doing so it wont be because their competitor offers it. Missing this feature is hardly a deal breaker as opposed to say, not offering free private repos anymore.

    They don't need source code search to stop users from leaving, they're already here because Bitbucket is more often dubbed as the free alternative to Github for private repos when someone asks about one.

  35. BachirK

    l0gicpath sorry for the confusion. By Basic and Essential I mean the same thing. Google "define:basic" "forming an essential foundation or starting point; fundamental."

  36. Hady Ahmed

    @BachirK No worries, but there's little point in such discussions of dictionary definitions. However, I'm afraid you leave me no other choice but to explain the following, given you actually took the time to Google the definition. I wasn't even referring to its definition but the mere use of the word to describe a feature of that size...

    You should know that words in English have connotations as much as they have denotations. Connotations are implied meanings or what the word suggests. The word basic is more often used to imply the lack of sophistication or complexity when used as an adjective.

    As opposed to it's dictionary definition (denotation) which you were kind enough to mention here. Hope that was useful to you. Good luck.

  37. durazell

    +1 This issue is similar to search by date functionality in duckduckgo. Useful unimplemented feature. in their case i think there was no date data available. Code search would be useful with large repos when you just need to find something but dont want to download it entirely only to search it locally.

  38. Jeremy Helms

    I'm amazed this feature/issue has been open for 3 years. In the time it's taken BitBucket to evaluate this feature request, GitHub has grown from 1 million to 10 million repositories and IMO cornered the open source market for code hosting. It goes without saying, code search should be a core feature for a code hosting service...

  39. Daniel Sokolowski

    @pitr no point switching to Github as it does not let you search forks and their commit messages (hence partially the reason why everyone is re-inventing the same wheel!) - so Bitbucket be a leader, and get your digital bum into gear and implement this!

  40. E.T.Cook

    @Daniel Sokolowski - ummm, what? That's a bit like saying it's not worth replacing your broken down car with a new one because it doesn't include a moonroof. I'd be happy with just plain repo search. I definitely don't need the ability to search forks for that feature to be useful.

  41. Anonymous

    3 YEARS on this request? You own JIRA, etc and searching is awesomr. This should not be too hard to implement Atlassian!!!

  42. Andrea D'Amore

    I'm interested in this topic and I'm watching it but the noise is too much. I'd like to only hear back from the ticketing system when there's some useful news, not the usual "+1" or people's whining.

    Can comments be locked on this ticket while keeping voting and watching capabilities enabled?

    It would then be unklocked if and when the issue'll be actually worked on.

  43. Joel Kinzel

    I agree, this is desperately needed. 3 years ago a "near to medium term" was placed. Has this fallen by the wayside? This could the biggest feature missing in BitBucket/Stash.

  44. Brandon Vulaj

    This is unfortunately a showstopper for us. We were mid-migration to BitBucket, and after realising that this feature wasn't available, we have decided to hold off and investigate other products in the meantime.

  45. Anonymous

    @Brandon Vulaj I can't remember if atlassian stash provides this functionality or not but maybe you want to look there first. In general the atlassian products IMO are above and beyond any other tools out there with the exception of this. A work around is to search code in an IDE, but if you are looking historically then you would have to checkout a much earlier history.

    Another thing I prefer about stash that bitbucket does not do is allow you to put conditionals for pull request. For example you can put criteria around code reviews such as forcing 2 or 3 "approvals" before code can be merged to master. This forces a good code review process and makes sure your developers engage in them if they want their code to be included in releases. ;-)

  46. Brandon Vulaj

    @ShawnLunny Yeah, it is unfortunate, because we really like the Atlassian suite of products, and would like to stay within the suite. IDE searching doesn't work for us, as it requires developers to have our entire project list checked out, which is substantial. We also have non-developers who may be utilizing this feature. Stash is great from what I've seen from playing around, but unfortunately it does not support HG repositories as BitBucket does.

  47. Arawn

    3 years and still no eta? No wonder I didn't see it. You wouldn't without sorting by vote first. 3 years is a FAR cry from "near to medium future". Starting to think choosing BitBucket for my project was a mistake.

  48. BrenBarn

    Interesting that some big names are getting in the game. But those providers seem to only support Git. Free hosting of Mercurial repos is the big draw of Bitbucket for me.

  49. Arawn

    All my repos are svn or git based.

    Slightly OT but... ...I wish I could get their vile source control to stop reactivating itself on my copy of vs2013. I disable it and somehow it randomly re-enables itself to waste my time.

  50. Jason Baumgartner

    This has been open for over 3 years, it's the third highest voted issue and no ETA or status update? Why should other people use Jira tools if Atlassian themselves don't use their own tool?

  51. cpb8010 NA

    I thought I was doing something wrong when I had trouble doing this. Is there really no way to search private repos remotely? Not even with some addon or workaround?

    What I really wanted to do was search through a previous revision through a pretty web GUI (not checkout grep, repeat)


  52. Arawn

    The fact such a stink has to be raised just to try and get some kind of update as to if this is even being worked on, tells me I should stop using bitbucket.

  53. Elizabeth Southwell

    OK, let's be honest here to everybody raising a stink in the comments. This is no easy task, it takes much time and effort to put together without causing problems or service interruption. I'd rather have no promise for x date than a promise of x date they can't keep because of some unexpected issue.

  54. Arawn

    Don't excuse their lack of communication.Remaining silent about it for multiple years after saying it would be looked into is NOT ok.

  55. Brandon Vulaj

    There are already open source projects that anyone with a locally hosted DVCS repository can use, like OpenGrok. We'd really love to move to BB, but when it doesn't offer as many features as our local server, we'll never justify it.

  56. Thomas Gagné

    This is an important feature, if one of the goals of a developer is to be able to leverage code that's already written, being able to find code is critical to leveraging it in future projects. IDEs awkwardly handle multiple open projects (especially as many as we have), and requiring each programmer to have all 200 locally so they may search it themselves is so suboptimal it is a fool's errand.

    We might build our own server to provide this capability, but that defeats the goal of using SaaS.

    GitHub charges by the repository and Kiln has excessive per-user pricing. I anxiously await Amazon's CodeCommit to see if it will include a search feature.

    Without this feature our company will bolt from BitBucket as soon as an affordable opportunity presents itself, it being apparent that Atlassian seems to have abandoned BitBucket to maintenance mode.

  57. Ike DeLorenzo

    Thanks to all who have contributed to this issue. We are actively pursuing adding code search to Bitbucket. Code search has become a very important focus for us, and something we want to implement and deliver in a way that meets user expectations.

    It is a great help to the Bitbucket team that, as we work on building this feature, we have the advantage of a large volume of user input from this issue board and from other user channels. Search is overdue. We are working hard to deliver it in the coming quarters, and to make sure it will have been worth the wait.

    Ike DeLorenzo, PM , Bitbucket

  58. Ben Madore

    Thanks Ike, appreciate the confirmation that this is coming! Going forward I'd love to see Atlassian turn over a new leaf and be a little more communicative with your customers. While I applaud Atlassian for inviting feedback and feature requests from your users - I am not sure that you guys understand just how frustrating it is as a customer to be asked for feedback, and then summarily ignored for years on end. Having literally hundreds of increasingly agitated comments over 3+ years on the third most requested feature with no communication back from the company is just not a respectful way to treat your customers. You don't have to always give your customers everything they demand - but the quickest way to drive folks away is make them feel like they aren't heard or respected. Just a few thoughts. Here's hoping this is a start to a more open and communicative Atlassian!

  59. Daniel Sokolowski

    @Ike DeLorenzo that is fantastic news.

    You may want to take a look at Gitlab (https://gitlab.com/) - your competitor - which has great multi faceted search which does source code, wikis, etc. They are actually our top choice at the moment we are evaluating (previously you were) however their product stability and quality has me concerned, so even though theirs is a free solution I believe it's worth a wait for Bitbucket to catch up :)

  60. David Rickey

    "In the coming quarters"? I find it hard to believe your customer base is still as large as it is. For something that was requested 3 1/2 years ago, has tons of upvotes, and literally all of your competitors have I find "soon tm" to be very disheartening.

  61. Jamon Holmgren

    @David Rickey Their customer base is large because for the number of repos we have, we'd be paying $800/month at Github, but I'm paying $50/mo. at Bitbucket. And the cost of change is too great to switch to Gitlab. So it's a matter of "good enough most of the time" and very affordable.

    Not a ringing endorsement, I realize.

  62. Rafael de Paula Herrera

    It would be great to have this feature. GitHub does it and this is very a basic feature, so BitBucket should have it too.

    Off course I am telling this as a customer point of view, I know that a great effort on indexing and constantly re-indexing data must be made... But well, it is part of the game.

  63. Magne

    +1 and I agree with Blake Hood's statement.

    Besides, I would like to be able to not only search the source code in the repo, but the entire history of the source code. So that if I find that some database field is missing, I might find out if it were ever added a migration and corresponding model methods for it.

  64. Stephen Lewis

    What's the progress on this? This issue has garnered over twelve hundred votes and has been open for upwards of three and a half years. It is and has been a blindingly obvious shortcoming of your platform for a very long time.

  65. Abid Omar

    Unluckily! I have also given up on this feature and turning to Github. I thought search was something very basic and instinctive to have in an application. god I was wrong.

  66. Eric Tucker

    Does Atlassin ever implement features their users request? Holy **** this is riduclous.

    The only reason we switched to Bitbucket was because GitHub doesn't support branch level access controls. If it weren't for that you guys would be useless.

  67. Tlou Rammala

    Dylan Etkin Hi Jon, You are right. We do not allow source code searching at the moment. This is something we are looking into and we hope to have something in the near to medium future. Stay tuned :) Dylan

    2011-07-22 #

    This is 2015 - About four years already? This issue was possibly never a solid consideration by Bigbucket.

  68. Free Beachler

    On the one hand, code search is very convenient and can save time, especially in situations of laziness and archived code. On the other hand, it's a security risk because the provider now has to secure the search engine database in addition to the repo. Convenience and security are classic enemies; I prefer security in this situation. Every worthwhile IDE can handle search. I'd probably be OK with not having this feature on Bitbucket, and getting off my butt to use my IDE to search the code; and if I can't do that find another way.

  69. Free Beachler

    Ryan Mortier sorry to point out some security concerns. I don't think it's such a good feature request after all because...if I was already worried about my private repos on Bitbucket...with a search engine layer on top my expectation for secure code on Bitbucket should be lower.

  70. AlienBit

    Hi Jon, You are right. We do not allow source code searching at the moment. This is something we are looking into and we hope to have something in the near to medium future. Stay tuned :) Dylan 2011-07-22

    Lol, stay tuned.

    I really hate the startup mentality that some groups adopt. ADD SOME DAMN CODE TO THE SITE TO MAKE SEARCHING POSSIBLE, FFS!

  71. Arawn

    I'm now in the process of removing all my projects from Bitbucket and steering my company away from Atlassian products. Not just over the multiple years it took to get an update on this, but many other issues that have popped up since. The broken broker system, the non-support, the features I can easily find and nearly every alternative to Bitbucket. Its just not worth waiting around here any longer, things are not getting better anytime soon. The only thing Bitbucket has going for it, literally the only thing, is being cheaper than everywhere else. But its easy to see that we get what we pay for. Especially those using the free stuff. Company doesn't care about your problems, they really don't. making sure to drill into your head its not their fault is more important than updating their software or resolving your issues.

  72. Douglas Rand

    Gitlab has very poor integration with the other Atlassian tools, such as JIRA and Bamboo if you are using those. This is the main reason I use Bitbucket (or Stash since we host our own). For searching, I put in Opengrok (http://opengrok.github.io/OpenGrok/) which easily adds more than enough searching ability - of course, would prefer this to be integrated with Bitbucket instead, but for now it's good enough.

  73. Arawn

    Luckily for me, there are no Atlassian products I would need that I am not already using an alternative to. Obviously won't be the case for everyone else, but if you don't specifically need those, both gitlab and github are pretty good choices.

  74. R3P0FFXI

    Horrible company that does not understand its own product much less top rated features its own users have been begging for. Would love to post the joke that was out latest "service call" for all to read. Our project has since been removed from Bitbucket due to the incompetence and service levels received.

  75. Jason Baumgartner

    I think the problem here is a total lack of communication with your end-users. This is in the top 5 requests and has been for years. If you don't want to implement this feature, then just tell us. Keeping this issue open and not giving any status updates or any indication that it's in your queue is just showing a complete lack of respect for your clients. As a developer myself, I know that things can get hectic and that other priorities may rise above feature requests -- but at least communicate with us. There have been hundreds of users requesting this feature and taking time out from their projects to offer a great suggestion that would make your product that much better for everyone who uses it. Instead, we suffer from a complete lack of communication and have no idea what's going on. That's no way to treat your customers / partners / etc. We're a community of developers, so if other things are going on in your sprints, then just be level with us. The alternative is really a slap in the face towards the developer's community as a whole.

    Please give us an update on this ticket.

  76. Vincent McClarty

    Come on. Fix this already. Almost every other code hosting service offers this capability. You guys are suppose to be sh*t hot developers, breastfeed on agile development methods. Surely, a good afternoon with a few beers will see this feature included... please?

  77. Wojciech Rutkowski

    Please read the whole description:

    EDIT: Please click to Vote for this issue (available to the right), rather than adding a +1. Only add a comment to this thread if you have something to say other than +1 or "me too". Otherwise you're just spamming the rest of us.

    I had to unwatch the issue just because of spam from "+1" posts.

  78. Arawn


    You know folks, there are multiple feature requests that went 100% ignored. This one get a multiple YEARS late response. I have some advice for all of you: Don't hold your breath for anything from this company. Decide you can either live without these things, or migrate. Anything else is wasting time. And now to un-watch this so I can stop getting +1 spam in my inbox.

    Dear Bitbucket, why do you not give a <expletive deleted> about your users?

  79. chedi toueiti

    When I saw this video I got exited, but then there is no signes of a possible integration in the public bitbucket.org. Now I'm mad, they developed all this fancy search, annotation and signatures functionalities, but they couldn't just give us the simple text search in the repository.

    EDIT: I stay corrected, It's alive !!! and it work as expected. You will have to add the extension sourcegraph in the add-on settings and that's all. Only drawback, it work only for the public repository for now.

  80. Mark Siemers

    As mentioned by John Garcia, protecting against searching for private keys / secrets is a huge consideration, but help us understand:

    1. If search is enabled for private repos, won’t the privacy of the repo prevent bots from being able to access that private code?
    2. If http://searchcode.com/ can already search all public Bitbucket repos, then doesn’t the risk mentioned in the DevFactor article (http://www.devfactor.net/2014/12/30/2375-amazon-mistake/) already exist?
    3. What about implementing search for wiki’s (which are repos themselves) - it would be a good test / proof of concept, and if people are posting private keys / secrets to their hosted wiki, they deserve a $2000+ bill for their mistake

    I’ve implemented full-text search (both in SQL Server and Postgres) - will you hire me to work solely on this functionality? I bet I can get it done in half the time that it’s already taken!

  81. Jonathan Voss

    // this is what I do because fuck waiting years for such a simple feature

    cd /path/to/repository/base/dir

    // prints a list of files containing "search term"; case insensitive

    grep -ri -l "search term"

    // or print the line number for each file

    grep -rin "search term"

  82. Tamás Barta

    We should start to +1 the cat in @dessant's post instead, then our +1s wouldn't go directly to /dev/null

    Some of you were fun here, but I have to stop watching this issue for mental health reasons. I don't need my e-mail inbox to remind me how shit Bitbucket is. I already almost convinced my boss to move on from Bitbucket.

  83. Brian Cass

    Just putting my vote in. Coming from Fog Creek's Kiln, I figured this was a standard feature of all VCS hosts. Boy was i disappointed to find this was requested in 2011, identified as something being worked on, and no response after 4 years! Wow... Is this feature available in Github?

  84. Luke Meyers

    Of course it's available in GitHub, and has been for quite some time. It would be absurd to do without such basic functionality. Downright embarrassing, really.

  85. Hinotori

    Atlassian sent me a survey. In my comments, i suggested this. And in the end, they took me to a thanks page:

    Thanks for taking the time! We'll do whatever we can – move mountains, fight crime, and fix bugs – to help your team better communicate.

    Yeah, move mountains, but search the source code... :-/

  86. Tejas Trivedi

    I want it!! I know I committed a bunch of code to a file, and can't find it in there now, and I want to search through all previous versions of this file for the exact piece of code that I remember I wrote.... When ? :) Please Bitbucket.... Please! :)

  87. Anonymous

    Atlassian, you let 1715 voters down. After FOUR long years since Dylan Etkin said "stay tuned" on this issue on 2011-7-22, you have not implemented this feature?! not even a descent response to the outcry of your user community? It is very disappointing, cannot recommend your product anymore.

  88. njb_said

    It says it all about the state of BitBucket when this has been open for 4 years with no response or update from staff, it is the exact reason I have been using other cloud git providers more often (not going to name drop) If bitbucket added this (and other) feature instead of messing around updating the UI every two minutes it might be a better competitor

    Just annoying that it has over 1k votes and nothing has changed, not to mention the email I get every time someone comments :P (I know, I just did it..)

  89. Robbie

    Can we please stop spreading the myth of "no response or update"? The last statement on Bitbucket's part here was in January of this year.

  90. Daniel Bennett staff
    • Searching a single repository with grep: easy
    • Indexing a single repository: actually, also sort of easy
    • Securely and efficiently indexing half a petabyte of someone else's data: not so easy

    We have already identified document formats and how to handle security (the easy part) but we have no yet spun up an Elasticsearch cluster sizable enough to perform the indexing only spikes here and there. We have begun the discussion on how to set up a cluster at this point, however, I wouldn't expect the infrastructure to be ready for production use for approximately six months, to be honest. Until we have this infrastructure in place I can't begin to guess at a reasonable delivery date for search.

    I will update this ticket again in about 3 months with a status update. Hopefully, we'll be ahead of the "6 months to infrastructure" schedule and I can share good news.

    Note: At the time Dylan said, "stay tuned" we had about 1/10th the data and even then Solr indexing took so long as to be impractical (or so I hear) once rolled out. It's unfortunate that he did not follow-up with a note saying it didn't work but -- he didn't. If the same happens with this implementation I will update this ticket to let everyone know we will be regrouping. (Though, I do feel we are moving deliberately enough to ensure success this time around.)


    Dan Bennett, Bitbucket Development Manager

  91. Martin Thwaites

    stop showing off about the size of your data ;)

    Thanks for the update... a little information goes a long way, and what you gave was a lot more of that. Maybe you could ask the development team to blog about some of the more specific challenges, I would really love to hear about them.

  92. Anton Ukhanev

    +1 to what Martin said. I'm sure that more regular updates would prevent outbursts of frustration. The product is great, and it integrates with JIRA, which I can't get enough of. A lot of cool and complex stuff is implemented. But some basic functionality that everyone have already learned to take for granted is missing. Search would somewhat fill that void. And updates would show that Atlassian is still looking at BitBucket.

  93. Felipe Faraggi

    @Kevin Wang This is really nice and so far as my initial tests go, it works really well. Does it include wiki and issue searches? I couldn't test

    Comments like your are the reason I chose to watch this issue, not the "please" or "+1" comments.

    So, congrats, I know this will take off and I hope the bitbucket team can learn something from this.

  94. Craig Tataryn

    @Kevin Wang I'd love to try this, but I need to confirm whether or not you are storing any of my source code outside of my repo, or accessing it for any purposes other than to let me search. I use bitbucket for private repos only, this includes my own stuff and client's, so I have to be careful that the code is not exposed outside of the people I want to give access to.

  95. Kevin Wang

    @Craig Tataryn It will stores the source code, commits and pull requests in Elasticsearch in our server for the repositories that you choose to enable PowerGit. If you got multiple repositories in your account, it won't access to other repositories which PowerGit is not enabled.

    Only people with access to your repository can access the search and graph page, and only people with admin permission can access the admin page. Also we won't return full source code file, it only returns the lines that match the search query.

    Currently source code are only used for search purpose, later I might add others features like number of lines, number of files for different language etc. But it won't give the source code to other people and won't return the full source code from the addon.

  96. Daniel Bennett staff

    Hello everyone, time for the 3 month check-in.

    It looks like we're sticking with Elasticsearch so no new surprises are in store. I still don't have an ETA for delivery but it looks like my earlier "6 months to infrastructure" estimate was pretty close -- I was hoping to be proven pessimistic but it looks like I was a tad optimistic. We should have the infrastructure available in March and we'll be able to start planning how to roll this stuff out. I'll have an update as we get closer (around February) and can speak to what we're doing with a bit more confidence that it'll be the final result.

  97. Nenad Nikolić

    It would be great if in the future people could refrain abusing the comment field to post comments without any useful information ("+1" -> just vote instead), rhetoric questions or rants.

    Such comments trigger useless notification emails to be sent to people who would rather want to be notified when Atlassian decides to build this feature.

    Thank you! 😉

  98. Alexey Vinokurov

    @Doug Gale Why it isn't a problem? For example, we have hundreds (I think) git repositories and when I'm not sure which repository contains a specific thing I need I want to search all of them without checking them out all locally or going around and asking colleagues.

  99. Hai Bison

    Some people here just read the issue title, but not the issue description. The issue author clearly ask you to please not throwing +1 or similar nonsense messages, which, technically, called spams.

    That results in: I removed my vote, and stopped watching this issue.

    Fortunately, I got what I wanted: Bitbucket really is working hard on this issue. Thanks to them.

    But no thanks, spammers.

  100. Doug Freed

    @Herman Kan Ctrl+f (or Cmd+f if you're on a Mac) Dan Bennett. If you'd actually read the thread (or even just look for staff posts, which are easily identified because the users are tagged as staff), you'd see there have been two quite informational updates in the last 6 months, and there should be another one in a month or so. Relatedly, @Daniel Bennett, we love you.

  101. Herman Kan

    @Doug Freed Thanks for the update. It's rather tough to get through all the posts for these years. I'd like to see the current state anywhere at the top, not just scattered around, instead of the abstract Open tag that says nothing about how far they have progressed and what to expect soon.

  102. Daniel Nunes

    Glad I saw the latest update to this issue, at first I only saw how old this feature request was and how angry people were that it wasn't added yet. This will be fantastic for people who are managing projects but not actively coding for them, especially if they're reviewing code by using bitbucket.org alone.

  103. Wade Chandler

    This is a very logical request, so why has there been no movement on this issue? You already support it for the single repository. This is the type of value add I expect a repository management and project site/utility to provide.

  104. Motion Inc

    are you ready for industry of technology this industry is moving super fast other can keep up, other don't many younger billionaire, many older became poorer

    Where do you be Atlassian??? Just some advice from the older older older guy

  105. Free Beachler

    This feature is not very important to me personally, although on team projects it's slightly more valuable; and it's a security risk, apparently there is agreement on this point (or rather, rather weak dismissal of the concern). I'd just like to reiterate a request as the feature seems to progress to delivery, that it be made optional at least for private repos.

  106. Doug Freed

    @Free Beachler Please elaborate how this is any more a security risk than storing your sensitive code on a third-party service. The Bitbucket team is made up of some pretty bright people (I may be biased, I've one of them a few years) and I highly doubt they're stupid enough to make their ElasticSearch cluster any more publicly accessible than the NetApp filers holding your repos (I think they still use NetApp). If they can get to the search cluster, they can just as easily get to the filers, and the filers provide your repos in a much more easy to use format.

  107. Wade Chandler

    @Adam Lounds honestly the description is TL;DR. If that update had been right after the main paragraph, I would have seen it, and wouldn't have commented or even voted :-) Most important info first rule and all. But, thanks Atlassian, this will help quite a bit.

  108. Free Beachler

    Stop misconstruing a feature request into an attack on the competence of Team BB. Furthermore, the generic response "what are you doing here on BB expressing security concerns?" is a terrible (insensitive) approach to said concern(s). Any point of access is a security risk. It's just a feature request to allow a choice of indexing my repos, instead of making it mandatory. If it isn't an unreasonable request, then do not attack it.

  109. gitsense


    I'm looking for public Bitbucket Git repositories to index, to further test my search technology for Bitbucket. You can learn more about it here:


    The interface is currently a Chrome extension but there are plans to make this a proper Bitbucket addon. However for now, if you don't mind using the Chrome browser and if you would like your public Git repository or repositories to be commits, code and diffs searchable, please raise an issue at


    and specify the HTTPS URL to your public Git repository. And if you have any questions, please raise them as an issue in the link above.


  110. Lyquix

    +1 This is an essential and very useful feature 5 years should have been long enough time to develop this Security concerns are nonsense

  111. gitsense

    If you can't wait until July (ETA for search), we have something that you may be interested in.

    We are currently looking for beta testers, to test our indexing engine for Bitbucket. You can learn more about our front end and the problems that is solves at


    We are currently working on a list of cloud host providers that will let you install our indexing engine in the cloud for free. If you feel comfortable managing your own Linux server in the cloud and would like to participate, please send an email to privatebeta@gitsense.com


  112. Lyquix

    I installed Gitsense Chrome extension and nothing happened when it finished. I went to Bitbucket and Github and there was no difference.

    Then I went exploring and I found there is an extension settings screen. Looks like I need a Bitbucket token and a Github token, but there are no instructions on how to get them.

    This sounds like a good idea but seems to be quite raw still.

    Also, if this can be done with a Chrome extension, why can't it be done in the web version?

  113. gitsense


    I created an issue at https://bitbucket.org/gitsense/gitsense-extensions/issues/2/how-gitsense-works which I'll update later, which should explain everything. And if you or others have any further questions, it's probably best to raise them at https://bitbucket.org/gitsense/gitsense-extensions/issues

    However, to make the long story short, if you run your own GitSense indexing engine, you'll be able to search/browse whatever ever repo you want in GitHub/Bitbucket.

  114. Doug Freed

    @Lyquix It's not just a Chrome extension doing all the work. The extension reaches out to an API to get everything it needs about the repository being searched, and is just a frontend to that API. Gitsense also only works with public repositories. The biggest issue here is scale. Bitbucket has half a petabyte of data to index, and my bet is more than half of that is in private repos. Gitsense, in comparison, hasn't even indexed all of Bitbucket's public repos, and likely never will. Scale also comes into play on the querying side. Code search will be an incredibly popular feature once deployed, and the search cluster will need to be able to stand up to the massive amount of querying people will be doing. Gitsense is relatively unheard of in comparison, and thus doesn't need as many resources.

  115. gitsense

    @Doug Freed

    GitSense definitely takes a different approach, compared to how Bitbucket is going to solve the search problem, and I expect Bitbucket users will have to leverage both solutions in the future, for the best result. Since everything is indexed at the branch level, the search complexity for GitSense increases by an order of a magnitude, which is why we can't offer blanketed cross repository searches. Take the following sagemath git repository as an example:


    This repository contains over 6,000 branches, which means there are 6,000 entry points. If you search for the keyword "foo" in this repository, GitSense has to consider returning results from 6,000 different branches. And if there are 10 forks of this repository, that's 60,000 different branches to return results from. Obviously there are lots of tricks that can be used to speed up searching, but it doesn't change the fact the search results will have to be branch specific.

    Searches in GitSense are completely context driven. Context driven searches are BAD for discovery and this where Bitbucket's search solution will make a lot more sense. Context driven searches are GOOD for filtering, which is where GitSense, makes more sense.

    For example, if you know "Release One" for your product consists of branches X, Y, and Z from repositories A, B and C. You can define this context and when you search this "Release One" context, GitSense will only consider these three branches from these three repositories.

    If you need to find something, and if you have no idea what repositories they are in, GitSense will not solve this problem for you. If you know it exists in one of your 40 repositories, you'll have to create a context that contains one branch from all 40 repositories, before GitSense can help you.

  116. levan Dvalo

    wow this is pathetic.. I know 100% sure that Stash(bitbucket product behind the scenes ) has search functionality ..I use it daily at work .. lack of search in bitbucket seems more like a cheap move to save some server load .. :facepalm:

  117. Stephen Feather

    Just finished reading the article Toon Geens posted.

    so after all this time its only for the downloadable version of Bitbucket Server? So not available to those PAYING for hosted bitbucket?

    Looks like a move to github may just be in our future.

  118. Benjamin Echols staff

    We're making progress! Bitbucket Server recently added code search, and we're building on that foundation. We've also added a LOT of ElasticSearch infrastructure required to index everything. I'll post another update in June.

  119. Daniel Bennett staff

    As I promised to have an update about now I'll add a few comments myself. But first:

    Hey everyone, say hi to @benechols! He's a new product manager who'll be helping to communicate with everyone on tickets like this.

    Now, the engineering update: as Ben has mentioned we have shipped search for Bitbucket Server. We'll be using the feedback we get from that help build out the bitbucket.org version -- we did it in this order so we wouldn't spend weeks or months indexing data with a system based on faulty assumptions. Indeed, I already have some changes that I'd like to see made.

    Ben will keep everyone informed while we spin up this second phase and we'll probably be contacting some people on this ticket when we get closer to doing user testing and a beta release.

  120. Yuval Harpaz

    How can there not be code search? I miss my github repo. FIle search is some compensation. I am really happy this issue gets attention, I wouldn't stay if there was no effort to make code search.

  121. Daniel Bennett staff

    Engineering update:

    We have the project in our queue and the initial work / feedback from the Bitbucket Server search effort. The team spiked a conversion to Bitbucket Cloud two weeks ago with some minor tweaks but need to return to finish up a few projects before going full-speed on Bitbucket Cloud Search.

    I was hoping to have a beta this month but the fact of the matter is we got a late start and have much to do before we get to that point -- soo.. that's not happening. I'd still like to implement a beta release to give all of you an opportunity to provide feedback and some things we are discussing right now will help to do that.

    As this is now in the hands of engineering, I'll begin my monthly (more-or-less -- please be nice) cadence of updates.



  122. Jon Langevin reporter

    @Daniel Bennett, ironic you just updated this. Was talking with the Demandware organization 2 hours ago about BB's lack of source code search (brought up by another member of their organization), during a community discussion about why DWRE uses BB rather than BB's main competitor. I remembered I started this feature requested, googled it, found I created this request back in 2011.

    It's so disappointing that all these years later, only now is talk surfacing of a beta...

    Thanks for the effort, I'm sure the team has worked hard on this, and I'm sure the ridiculous prioritizing of this feature request rests on the shoulders of predecessors or higher ups, but personally the fact that this request wasn't resolved 3-4 years ago helped me to decide which repository host I prefer.


  123. Randall Potter

    @Daniel Bennett I'd like to be included in the Beta. (Company I work for or as a single user) I know how product versus dev can be. Hopefully the product team realizes that if they create a web interface to a source code storage system they need to let you robustly search it.

    Looking forward to hearing more!

  124. gitsense

    Since it looks like code searching may be delayed for another month or two, and because GitSense will soon be available as a Bitbucket Cloud addon, I figure I would post an update. I've posted before, and as I've mentioned in my earlier posts, GitSense (my product) is not designed to replace Bitbucket's search, but rather compliment it.

    GitSense is completely context driven at the branch level, and requires you to know what branch or branches to look in. For example, in order to search the 5.10.x branches in both atlassian/aui and atlassian/aui-adg, you have to tell GitSense this. If you click on the link below, you can see how branch level searches work in GitSense:


    You can also find more examples in our latest blog post at, https://gitsense.com/blog

    The GitSense addon for Bitbucket should be available by early July and you can see what the integration looks like in the following video:


    Sorry for the pacing in the video but I don't have the time to edit it or add annotations. Plus the first link should give you a better idea of what to expect with the addon.

    Once the addon is available for beta testing, I'll post another update.


  125. gitsense


    I was hoping to have the GitSense beta ready for this week, but I got side tracked with Microsoft's latest open source offering.


    If you are looking for a fast embedable editor, you may want to check it out. Now back to the topic at hand.

    I'm putting the indexer through its final paces, and I should be able to make the cloud version and the server version (install on your own infrastructure) available for next week.

    For the cloud version, code indexing and search will be free, but there is limited space. The servers that I have setup can process about 12,000 repos a day but they are really limited by disk space (1TB of SSD), which translates to about 20,000 - 50,000 repos. If the demand is there, adding machines to the indexing/search cluster is pretty trivial, so there's really no limit. The only limitation is, does it make business sense.

    For the server version, code indexing and search will also be free. I've tested it on a $5/month vultr instance and it indexed over 600 repos (including the linux kernel) with no issues. The main thing is, you'll just have to create a lot of swap memory, if you plan to index something like the linux kernel.

    If you want to tightly integrate the server version with Bitbucket, you'll have to know how to setup a secure web server, since Bitbucket requires this for addons. I'm not sure if they (Atlassian) have thought of this, but Microsoft Visual Team Studio supports non secure addons, which would make integrating personal addons, significantly easier.

    So if all goes as planned, you should be able to search your private code in Bitbucket by the end of next week for about $5 a month, plus the cost of registering a domain name, if you don't have one. Something that I haven't tried yet is using ngrok, and if the latency is acceptable, I'll consider supporting it. But right now, you'll have to run GitSense in a Centos 7 virtual machine from either Digital Ocean or Vultr, if you want any support. I may also add Ubuntu to the list, but for now, it's Centos 7 only.


  126. Daniel Bennett staff

    Hello everyone, it's about time for a monthly update on search:

    As I had mentioned last time, the team working on had to finish up a few things before returning to this project and now that LFS (issue #11204) has launched they're again available to pick this up.

    We already have the indexer, ElasticSearch cluster, document schema, query translator and hooks lined up (at least as lined up as software ever gets). Next we will be working on components shuttling the content to the indexer, examining and testing our cluster organization for reliability / failover, security and the user interface. The last two will most likely require the most time so I'll be mentioning those a few more times before we get to the beta testing phase.

    I'll be back in a few weeks with the next status update.



  127. gitsense


    The free edition of GitSense Server is now available. You can find the download and install instructions at


    The free edition doesn't require any license, doesn't phone home and can be installed on as many machines as you would like. You can learn more about what it supports and doesn't support at


    The free edition does supports deep Bitbucket Cloud integration, and if you can follow the instructions at


    and get a secure webserver up and running, send an email to support@gitsense.com and we'll send you the instructions to enable the Bitbucket Cloud addon.

    For GitSense Cloud, it probably won't be available for another week or two.

    If you have any questions, please create an issue at https://bitbucket.org/gitsense/free-edition/issues


  128. gitsense


    A free version of GitSense Cloud is now available and you can find the install and admin instructions at


    In addition to addressing this code search issue, the cloud version will also address the following issues in one way or another:

    1. https://bitbucket.org/site/master/issues/4307/feature-request-contributor-statistics-bb
    2. https://bitbucket.org/site/master/issues/589/file-history-should-follow-copies-and
    3. https://bitbucket.org/site/master/issues/3030/project-activity-chart-just-like-github-bb
    4. https://bitbucket.org/site/master/issues/287/show-used-language-statistics-graph-bb-514
    5. https://bitbucket.org/site/master/issues/12489/filter-commits-by-author
    6. https://bitbucket.org/site/master/issues/11591/get-a-users-commits-by-date-bb-13814
    7. https://bitbucket.org/site/master/issues/7928/missing-total-count-of-commits-in
    8. https://bitbucket.org/site/master/issues/7297/add-commit-history-on-folders-bb-8483
    9. https://bitbucket.org/site/master/issues/11661/bitbucket-ui-show-history-in-directories
    10. https://bitbucket.org/site/master/issues/12110/merges-are-greyed-out
    11. https://bitbucket.org/site/master/issues/12108/friendlier-web-ui-message-for-large

    There might be more, as my search was far from thorough. I'm also going to talk about issue 11 in greater detail in my next blog post and show how it can be used to analyze/browse very large commits (commits with 10's of thousands of changes), so stay tuned for that, if issue 11 is a concern of yours.

    And as usual, if you have any questions, please raise an issue at



  129. Daniel Bennett staff

    Sorry folks, my monthly update took six weeks. I'll try to bring down the length of my "months".

    Nothing too terribly exciting going on from an external perspective but the big task at the moment is optimizing our cluster configuration and building out failover / sharding support. We're getting a little fancy with this for two reasons:

    1. We want to ensure that in the case of the failure of a cluster that we can minimize the impact surface area and have the ability to route users to a working system as quickly as possible.
    2. Once we go live we won't be done. We'll want to be able to tune our indexing schemes and optimizations. Being able to route teams that are on-board with helping us test to "alternate" clusters would greatly assist with that.

    This work isn't complex but we need to spend time making sure it's robust and fast.

  130. Doug Freed

    @Lech Rogowski WTF? The whole point of @Daniel Bennett's updates is to shed light on their progress. A thing I've found is that the people most insistent in requesting timelines are the ones most pissed off when those timelines aren't met, even when the provider made it very clear that the timeline is just an estimate, and could be missed. It'll be ready to go when it's ready to go. If that's not fast enough for you, I'm sure you can find somebody else to host your repos, and you won't be missed.

  131. Daniel Bennett staff

    @Chris Pruitt @Deric Braito It's definitely being actively worked on and the components of search have been for some time both on Bitbucket Cloud as well as Bitbucket Server. Though, I get that you're looking for user facing improvements and not simply infrastructure hand-waving. The last effort to create a router in front of ElasticSearch has been successful. We now have all the parts ready, tested and working including the router component, indexing, and the search capability itself. Next up is gluing this stuff together with the Bitbucket Cloud user-interface, hooks to trigger the index, and a couple of API improvements to make sure this is all failure tolerant.

    The internal goal for all this work is that I'll be able to search Atlassian repositories in December with the implementation considered to be an early alpha stage. Once things are looking good with this stage, we will be able to start inviting beta testers to enable the feature on their accounts for more feedback. The beta is an important stage for all of us: you'll all begin to get search, and we'll have to control our roll-out to manage any scaling issues that may occur. My next update include information on how to get your name on the beta list.

  132. Daniel Bennett staff

    Hey everyone,

    The internal search milestone landed on December 15 as planned and is being used by Atlassians.

    The user interface was entirely lifted from Bitbucket Server and work still needs to be done to create the appropriate Bitbucket Cloud UI, however, progress is being made. We should have a few more bugfix / cleanup sprints done and a new UI kicking off after the holidays so we can start talking about moving things out of alpha.

    Example of what we have today (not the final representation): Screen Shot 2016-12-27 at 10.19.08 AM.png

  133. Free Beachler

    Atlassian deserves credit for sticking by this issue and not censoring the public. Now...I don't want searching in my private repositories, so will I be able to disable it, or even better disabled by default on private repos?

  134. Szilard Toth staff

    Hey Free,

    Great question. We have not yet decided on how to roll our search to our customers. Search will respect your repo permissions, so only users that have access to a private repo will be able to search it. Is there any specific reason why you would not want to be able to search your own private repos?

  135. Wade Chandler

    I may have missed it, but will search also allow me to search across all my repos? That is often a use case as we need to know where something is used across projects etc without having them all open in an IDE or all checked out for file system searches; searching a single repo locally is usually quite trivial as I will probably have just it checked out.

  136. Cori Drew

    It did not take Microsoft over 5 years to enable this in their online git offering. If you've already solved the problem with on-prem, why is this not addressed online yet? I'm not trying to be a jerk. I'm just extremely disappointed & sad this is affecting my once-fantastic opinion of Atlasssian. I want to continue to love you. I really do, but this is negatively handicapping my entire team, every single day.

  137. Paul Nemirovsky

    ^ Sadly, same here. ~150 repositories and this is the biggest (actually, the only) argument of my entire team for moving to github. Any estimate on when we'd have it, even in beta?