Cannot create password for OpenID-initiated account.

Issue #2889 invalid
Shlomi Fish
created an issue

Well, is down today and with it my two OpenIDs, so I decided to try to create a password so I can log in using a username/password combination. So I went to the change password form, and entered a blank "Old Password", since I didn't have one, and the new password twice. It didn't work - I got invalid password.

Please fix it.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Shlomi,

    We are aware that our open id support is not great.

    However you should have a password. I believe it would have been sent to you in email when you originally signed up.

    To reset your password you should just use the forgot password functionality that is linked from the login page. This will allow you to recover your password though your linked email account.

    Sorry for any inconvenience,


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