Different number of forks/followers in repo list and in repo forks/zealots page (BB-639)

Issue #2905 resolved
Volodymyr Sapsai
created an issue

==== Steps to reproduce ====

Open a list of your own repositories https://bitbucket.org/repo/mine

Observe number of followers for different repositories (number near heart icon).

==== Actual result ==== Some private repositories have, for example, 3 followers. Though clicking at https://bitbucket.org/<UserName>/<RepoName>/zealots reveals that there is only 1 follower.

==== Expected result ==== Display the same number of followers in repo list and in https://bitbucket.org/<UserName>/<RepoName>/zealots

Nice to have - indicate that the only follower is yourself.

===== Notes ===== My main concern is private repositories, noticing that a private repository has more than 1 follower caused a mild paranoid fit.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Volodymyr,

    We are aware of this issue. I am afraid that the calculation that we used to generate a running total of these numbers is a bit wrong. The number on the tab is the number to be believed.

    Sorry to have freaked you out. We are planning to look into fixing this.



  2. Nicolas Venegas
    • removed assignee

    Hi Nick

    I've unassigned this issue (away from detkin) since we, the Bitbucket development team, use a certain workflow with our public issue tracker such that we expect issues that no one is currently working on to be assigned to nobody.



  3. Martijn van der Kleijn

    Why is this issue still stuck in NEW status without any form of update? The issue was originally reported on 2011-07-31 and instead of spending time on hunting for duplicate issues (of which there are apparently quite a few) couldn't you simply fix it?

    I realize this is a free service unless we have lots of collaborators on a private repo, but still... :)

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