Bitbucket is broken in my Google Chrome

Issue #2908 resolved
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  1. Dylan Etkin


    It looks like your browser did not completely download all the CSS and JS. Have you tried doing shift reload to force your browser to reload all the files?

    I can not reproduce the issue from my side (I am writing this in chrome).

    Let me know if a hard refresh sorts you out.



  2. renadeen reporter

    I found the cause of this issue. JS and CSS are loaded from CDN but my chrome doesn't trust to certificate of it(see attachment). This issue appears in Safari as well. IE displays warning and user can "Allow blocked content". Firefox and Opera works fine. The site displays correctly at Chrome in my home computer (win xp). Probably my work computer (win 7) doesn't have necessary root certificates preinstalled.

  3. Dylan Etkin


    That is pretty strange. The URL that you include in the screenshot loads for me and is trusted.

    I think it must be some issue with the certs on your machine.

    I think this is an issue on your end. If you think there is something we can do to help you can reopen the issue with more details.



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