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Issue #2915 resolved

Website says branch is not the tip but it actually is

Guido Negro
created an issue


If I do

hg clone https://guidon@bitbucket.org/guidon/nagios-gw-newsip-mysql-replication

I then get

hg log

changeset: 1:06021c314999 branch: develop tag: tip user: Guido Negro guido.negro@gradwell.com date: Tue Aug 02 16:00:52 2011 +0100 summary: Added plugin script.

changeset: 0:9ce965f65a1f user: Guido Negro guido.negro@gradwell.com date: Tue Aug 02 15:59:19 2011 +0100 summary: Default branch initialized.

But If I change to 'develop' branch on the bitbucket web page I get this message:

"Note: This is not the latest revision. For the latest view, go to tip."

And If I click on 'tip' I get directed to the 'default' branch page :/

This is not consistent?

Can you help please?


Comments (1)

  1. Brodie Rao

    This should be fixed now. I've updated the wording so it says "go to the default branch."

    We're slowly phasing out "tip" from the site. It's not a useful concept when repos can have many branches -- tip can jump around to unrelated lines of history. Instead, we try to detect a "main" branch and default to displaying that in the source browser and on the overview page. We define that as either "default", or the first non-closed named branch if default doesn't exist.

    If you only have a default branch, tip and default will always refer to the same commit.

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