Rename "open" status to "acknowledged"

Issue #2923 wontfix
Chris Farmiloe
created an issue

Currently their is very little conceptual difference between "new" and "open". The difference is really just that someone has "accepted" or "acknowledged" the issue. I propose that what is currently called the "open" status be renamed to "acknowledged" to better reflect the action.

"open" should still be a button on the UI, but (as it does currently) should show results for any tickets that are not any of the closed states (ie. lists both "new" AND "acknowledged")

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for reporting. We have folks that use the issue tracker in a lot of different ways and having the static statuses means that its hard to cater to everyones workflow.

    At the moment we are sticking with the values that we have. In the future we may look into allowing users to customize their statuses which would allow each repo to decide what works best for them.

    I just don't think that renaming open to acknowledged would work for everyone.



  2. David Chambers

    This would remove the confusion that arises from the fact that we currently use "open" in two different ways (to mean an unresolved issue or specifically an unresolved issue that has been read and accepted). Perhaps we should rename the "open" button "unresolved". This would reduce confusion without changing the semantics of any of the issue statuses.

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