Milestone and version not showing on open issue list

Issue #2928 resolved
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The new changes that you made to the issue tracker are nice, but with out being able to see version and milestone in the issue list then the system is completely unusable to us. Since these are the only customizable fields they are the most important fields to us. Since we can not see them on the list of issues we have to open every single ticket to see its status. Is there any way to customize what fields are shown in the list.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Kevin,

    Sorry for the trouble. We have reinstated the component/milestone/version fields in the issue list.

    We have had a few iterations on the list of issues and at one point we had decided to remove those columns. After some other tweaks we realized we still had room for them and that some of our users, you included, relied on the columns being present.



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