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Glenn Morton
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I would really like to see more granular permissions added for both the source control and issue tracker.

My particular scenario is that I have a few private repo's and with private issue trackers attached and I don't want some users to be able to access the source code, while still being able to view or edit the issues.

With the current setup this is not really possible, so we don't give access to the issue tracker and if we had this we would dramatically increase the number of users that would access our issues.

From a business perspective I can't see any reasons why you would not enhance the permissions ASAP considering you can derive additional revenue from the increased number of users accessing private repo/issues; in a lot of cases this might be the difference between a free and paid plan.

I'm very keen to hear feedback and the possibility of when this might be added.



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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Glenn,

    This is certainly a feature that has been brought up before and we do have an issue in our backlog for it.

    We have not really been focusing on the issue tracker lately and it is not on our short-term roadmap. The reasoning is that we have a lot things we would like to add to the source browsing, social aspects, and UI/UX areas of the site. We have found that our issue tracker is not heavily used. This could certainly be because we have not improved the issue tracker but right now we feel like solidifying the UI/UX is of higher priority.

    There will be a point at which we will make a push around issue tracker functionality but I think its safe to say it would not likely be this year.

    I am sorry we can not help more at the moment.



    Duplicate of #2462.

  2. David Chambers

    One idea (which is possible with Bitbucket's functionality as it exists today) is to create a separate repository exclusively to provide an issue tracker. This would give you the granular control you require.

    • /user/repo (code lives here)
    • /user/repo-issues/issues (issues live here)

    It's a hack, sure, but it might be workable.

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