Pull Requests are not wortking (BB-2296)

Issue #2937 resolved
Joe Passavanti
created an issue

I create and send a pull request, i click the javascript modal window "Accept pull request" and it just sits there. I can click the X in the corner and it goes back like nothing happened. This I gotta get done today. Please advise!

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  1. Brodie Rao

    Can you try refreshing the pull request and checking if there are any conflicts? We have a known issue where if a pull request is updated while you're viewing it and the update has conflicts, the accept dialog doesn't properly notify you of the conflicts.

  2. Joe Passavanti reporter

    I see ok .. there are conflicts between the two, but only if I want to pull from A->B, not B->A. So even if Bitbucket reports no conflicts on the outgoing, but there is on the incoming when I compare, it will still do this, is what your saying?

  3. Brodie Rao

    The scenario I'm talking about goes something like this:

    Someone creates a pull request that either doesn't require a merge or that doesn't have conflicts. Now you view the pull request, read it, leave it open in a tab for a while, etc. Meanwhile, someone updates the pull requests with new changes, creating conflicts in the process. Now you decide to accept the pull request, and instead of it notifying you of conflicts, it blows up.

    We'll be putting a out fix for this in the near future. The UI will notify you that the pull request has been updated.

  4. Joe Passavanti reporter

    So my experience was a little different.

    I have repository A. I fork it into B. I go to B and click compare. I forget to click "incoming" and the "outgoing" shows 0 conflicts, I create a pull request, I go to accept it, but it doesn't do anything. I close the prompt, go back to B, click compare, click incoming, and notice there are conflicts. Once i resolve those conflicts, it works fine.

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