Dropdown for issue state interact badly with radio buttons (BB-2093)

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Martin Geisler
created an issue

When an issue is "new" or "open", I get radio buttons for chosing the new issue state. That is great -- I can pick "duplicate" and enter the number of the master issue.

However, I can also set the state via a dropdown menu. That menu duplicates some (all?) of the options and makes little sense: there is no way to indicate the master issue when I choose "duplicate" in the dropdown menu.

I suggest only using radio buttons for this, that seems to give the best overview. The radio buttons should probably always be shown, even for "resolved" or "duplicate" issues.

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  1. Dylan Etkin
    • changed status to open

    Hi Martin,

    Thanks for reporting. The issue view certainly needs some attention. We are currently making our way through the different screens in bitbucket. The issue view is a bit lower on the list than other screens but we will certainly get to it.



  2. David Chambers

    I couldn't agree more, Martin. In fact, I even have a decrepit fork which addresses this issue. I decided that rather than including a bunch of radio buttons and a drop-down, a single drop-down would suffice.

    This drop-down would never be disabled, and the current state would be selected by default. The only special case would be "duplicate", which would summon a text input when selected.

    I'm really looking forward to these improvements seeing the light of day. :)

  3. Martin Geisler reporter

    I think I would prefer radio buttons over a drop down menu: when there are only a small set of options, then I find that they give a better overview and are easier to select.

    They also give you room for some descriptive text along with each option like you have today. You could of course have that text somewhere else and update it when the drop down changes, but that sort of reverses things: first you select a state in the drop down, and then you see the text that describes what it does.

    In any case, it's cool that you're looking at it!

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