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Issue #2946 wontfix

no way to find out who you assigned repo access to

Wojciech Sobczuk
created an issue

When assigning access to a private repository it should show you a selector of the people you are working iwth instead of an autocompleter of everyone on github. There is no way to find out if you are giving access to the right person this way, how would I know if it's the guy I added or someone else? And how would I tell what's his nickname? it's really a flawed process and I think it should be fixed.

Comments (2)

  1. Dylan Etkin


    I understand your concern. There are a few things that you can do about this.

    Bitbucket allows users to verify email addresses. If one of your collaborators has a validated email address you can use this value in the user picker. The autocomplete will show you the username for that email address.

    Bitbucket also allows you to define groups (go to your account and click "Global permissions and groups"). This will allow you to define a group of users and then to assign permissions to this group. There is even an option to add a group to all newly created repositories. In this way you can specify the users that are your collaborators once and just reference the group when adding permissions.

    I hope this helps,


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