Add issues service when users enable the issue tracker (BB-4086)

Issue #2948 resolved
Jon Langevin
created an issue

For new repositories, please enable the issues service by default, or provide option to enable it automatically when creating the new repository.

I can't think of any reason why it shouldn't be enabled by default, and if it's still listed as a service, it could easily be removed by anyone that doesn't want it...

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Jon,

    The reason we do not enable the service by default is that only about 15% of repositories that are created enable the issue tracker.

    I do agree that it needs to be easier to add/configure and remove services. We have a separate issue in our backlog for that #2778.

    The reason we do not want to add the services to the create repo screen is that we are trying to keep that form as simple as possible so there is little to no barrier for users to create new repositories.

    I hope this makes sense and thanks for reporting,


  2. Jon Langevin reporter

    (Reply via

    Issue tracker is already optional, so you would just need to attach the specific issue service to issues being enabled.

    I'm not suggesting adding the services function to repo creation page, but instead automatically link/create that specific service to the issue feature being enabled.

    Seems the reasons against this should be re-thought

    - Jon Langevin -- sent from my Android phone

  3. v2k NA

    "about 15% of repositories that are created enable the issue tracker."

    I would guess that this is largely because the documentation isn't clear that this is necessary and hence a very misleading statistic. Those users probably don't even know it's possible to update tickets via commit messages. They don't know what they're missing out on because they don't even know it's possible.

    What would be the best solution is if a commit message that satisfies the issue tracker is detected, then the service is enabled.

    ie if a commit of "ref #1: fixed this issue" is pushed, then the service should enable itself.

  4. BrenBarn

    Yes, there is no reason to leave the issue service disabled when the issue tracker is enabled. The service should be enabled if the tracker is enabled.

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