allow the issue form submit to keep status even when JS is not enabled (BB-2348)

Issue #2949 resolved
Mads Kiilerich
created an issue

Because of other junk hosted on cloudfront I had blocked javascript from that domain.

As a consequence of that I unintentionally changed the status on .

The site generally works fine without javascript, but the existing status value do apparently not have the right default value in the html but depends on javascript. Please fix that so you have full graceful degradation.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Kiilerix,

    I am afraid that when Atlassian took over Bitbucket we decided that we would not worry about the site running without JS enabled. In the last 9 months we have rolled out a bunch of features that will just not work if you do not have JS enabled.

    I am sorry if you don't want to enable JS but we feel that without it we can not deliver the UX we would like to provide our users. I understand that the change you are asking for is small but it seems silly to fix it in one place when there are much larger other places that simply will not work without JS.

    I hope you understand, cheers,


  2. Mads Kiilerich reporter
    • changed status to new

    Hi Dylan

    I understand that you don't care about non-JS, but I don't understand the conclusion or the way you do it.

    It is kind of OK that I without javascript miss some features or there is something I can't do or something I can't see.

    It is however not OK that I end up messing with the bug state while apparently successfully adding a comment.

    If you are serious about "JS is mandatory" then you should block non-javascript access completely ... or at least make it read-only. Some kind of graceful degradation is a must. It would be kind of OK if it was so aggressive that I complained about that instead, but saying that it is OK that a non-JS user blows everything up is not OK.

    Regards, Mads - who wonders if adding this comment will demonstrate the problem ;-)

  3. Mads Kiilerich reporter
    • changed status to open


    I know the site is a lot better with JS, and I only disabled JS from cloudfront because other more "evil" sites also uses cloudfront. (You might want to consider some kind of CDN that uses your own domain name.)

    I was however 100% satisfied with the non-JS user experience for adding a comment and I wasn't aware that it was a problem at all. A "you can't post comments with JS" message would have annoyed me for a moment and then I would have enabled JS and it wouldn't have been a problem. (Other people are more strongly opposed to JS, but that is a different problem.)

    - and now I think I have repeated myself enough ;-)

    Cheers, Mads

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