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Sebastian Berm
created an issue

This seems like a strange request, but for a few projects I am working on, it has been decided to use Github instead of Bitbucket. Due to the fact I have no say in this, it means I will have to migrate from using Mercurial to Git...

Personally I like Bitbucket, but it would be great to 'synchronise' / import a Github project into Bitbucket and visa versa. That way I (and the few others using Mercurial) can stay with Mercurial, the rest of the people can stay with Git.

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Sebastian,

    We have looked into this. You would need to use hg-git or something like it to keep the repos in sync.

    The problem is that all these tools are actually quite inefficient on big repos and can take many hours to complete while using up a whole CPU. The other problem is that the tools that exist "mostly work". There are many instances where they fall over or do not correctly convert changes.

    We have decided that it is just not work the effort for the gain we would get.



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