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Issue #2964 open

Issue with basic auth when importing a svn repo (BB-2401)

Andrew Shadura
created an issue

{{{ 00:02:55 svn import for: https://source.seas.harvard.edu/svn/cyclone/trunk 00:02:55 Checking out https://source.seas.harvard.edu/svn/cyclone/trunk... 00:02:55 svn: warning: Can't open file '/root/.subversion/servers': Permission denied 00:02:55 svn: OPTIONS of 'https://source.seas.harvard.edu/svn/cyclone/trunk': authorization failed: Could not authenticate to server: rejected Basic challenge (https://source.seas.harvard.edu) 00:02:55 Svn checkout failed: <class 'bitbucket.apps.async.tasks.ImportException'>: Command failed. Return value: 1 }}}

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