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Issue #2969 wontfix

SUggestion to add 'New' as possible option

created an issue


IN the list of possible issues listing options, kindly add to select 'New' isues and 'Resolved' issued also. THis will ease the selection process. Now it provide for 'All' and 'Open'.

Comments (1)

  1. Dylan Etkin


    We do not provide that quick filter but you can create a filter that does exactly that.

    You need to click on the build query button. Once you have created the filter you can create a bookmark for it if you would like quick access.

    We do have an open issue to allow for saved filters. When we eventually address that issue we will more than likely have some quick-access to your saved filters. Hopefully this would address your issue and the bookmark of the custom query can sort you out until then.

    Thanks for reporting, cheers,


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