Compare fork doesn't show new named branches. (BB-2426)

Issue #2978 resolved
created an issue
    1. Fork a repo
    1. Create a new named branch and commit changes to it.
    1. push changes
    1. click bitbucket's compare fork button.

Currently no changes are displayed.

It would be very useful to display the changes.

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  1. Dylan Etkin


    At the moment the compare view defaults to comparing tip to tip.

    You can however hack the URL to compare any two branches or revisions of two repositories. The url is comparing this repo to the destination repo at revision. (e.g. ..bitbucket/production:it-1129-release, bitbucket is the owner, production is the repo name and it-1129-release is a tag name). The revision can be a hash, tag name, or branch name.

    We plan to expose this through the UI but for the moment you are stuck with URL hacking.

    I hope this helps,


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