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Samuel Marks
created an issue

Good morning,

I recommend you support MediaWiki syntax, as I'm writing a small thesis and being able to export from LaTeX or LibreOffice Writer to MediaWiki is a proven, mature feature.

Unfortunately, copying over that [MediaWiki] code to BitBucket's wiki doesn't work.

Please add support for MediaWiki syntax to the wiki. Alternatively, I can add support for you (at no charge), if you give me some access.


Samuel Marks

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  1. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Samuel,

    We are aware that WikiCreole is a bit of a dead project now.

    We are planning on changing the markup that we support but we have not decided exactly what we will support (some argue for markdown, others for supporting multiple markup languages).

    I am closing this as won't fix since we are going to address the issue at a more general level.

    I do have to warn you that we will not likely be addressing this issue for another few months. I am sorry if this inconveniences you.



  2. Samuel Marks reporter
    • changed status to open

    Thanks Dylan

    I understand that due to set project timelines you won't be able to support better syntaxes for a while.

    I am offering to implement/port MediaWiki syntax into the BitBucket environment (at no charge).

  3. Dylan Etkin

    Hi Samuel,

    I appreciate the offer to implement the feature. It's really hard for us to accept code contributions for a closed-source project like Bitbucket. We have certain coding conventions and review processes that we always follow and I think this could really lead to a frustrating process of back-and-forth.

    Even if we did have a good way to get around accepting outside code contributions I think the problem here is that we don't want to just add MediaWiki syntax into Bitbucket. As mentioned above, we are unclear exactly what we want to support but switching from only supporting WikiCreole to only supporting MediaWiki (or just both) is not really where we want the tool to be.

    We really do appreciate the sentiment and enthusiasm and are glad that you like Bitbucket so well you are willing to contribute.



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