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Issue #2981 resolved

Initial [overview] page: Allow it to be a wiki page

Samuel Marks
created an issue

Good morning,

I recommend you allow users to make the overview page a wiki page, in order for more useful things about the project to be displayed (and updated) quickly [initially!].

To prevent lack of usefullness, make the currently pull/clone info permanent blocks.

Thanks for your consideration,

Samuel Marks

Comments (8)

  1. Samuel Marks reporter

    I am now aware that their are bitbucket projects (TortoiseHg) which have a custom overview page. Could you please point me to the documentation showing how to make the overview page my own?


    Samuel Marks

    FYI: Using Firefox to post this comment, still have CSRF error in Opera

  2. Dylan Etkin

    No, you can not make it just any html document. This would open up the possibility for XSS attacks on the site since we are serving that content to logged in users of the site.



  3. Samuel Marks reporter

    Thanks for pointing that out Dylan.

    To outline why I am thinking HTML:

    I am writing a Research Paper in LibreOffice Writer, (porting to LaTeX once BitBucket storage hasn't been figured out). This research paper has headings, text, italics and bold. Most importantly though, it has linked references (end-notes).

    How do I store this information with hyperlinked references in BitBucket? (was planning on using the HTML-export functionality).

    Thanks for all suggestions,

    Samuel Marks

    FYI: BitBucket will also be storing a Proof of Concept (written in C++) prototyping what I'm outlining in the Research Paper.

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