Issue #2987 resolved
Steven Elliott Jr
created an issue

I had an incredibly bright idea! Well, not really but I thought I'd take a second to share it with you. Granted, I have no inkling if an idea like this is even in the works right now within Atlassian but I figured I'd let you know. Github just introduced a GUI git client that lets you drag-and-drop repos into a handy-dandy little interface. It also links up to your github account and lets you do all of your repository management right within a tidy little desktop application.

I think that something like this would be excellent for bitbucket as well! Bitbucket is a far superior service and as such should have at least the same types of tools available if not better ones. I'd go so far as to say I'd be willing to write this client myself with the REST API; however, I figured I'd ask if something like this was already in the works before I got started and to see if their was community interest. I'd probably start with the Mac OS version since, well... I use a Mac and am completely self-serving.


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