Issue #2992 resolved

Bitbucket incorrectly in Maintenance Mode?

Jon Langevin
created an issue

Bitbucket's header has been displaying the following message for 12+ hours now:

We're currently migrating data to a new storage array. Repositories will be locked and unavailable for only a few seconds during the migration.

Considering "only a few seconds" is the time frame referenced, my assumption is that someone just failed to remove the message. I've pushed a commit, which has indeed showed up on Bitbucket, which shows the repo is not read-only currently.

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  1. Charles McLaughlin

    Hi Jon,

    We're in the process of migrating several terabytes of data on a per-repository basis. The amount of time any of your particular repositories will be locked or unavailable will only be a few seconds each. It's extremely unlikely that you'll even notice, but we'll keep the warning banner on the site until we're done.

    Regards, Charles

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